Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alicia Hunsicker Preview - Get to Know Her Before the Open House

Today I am introducing you all to my neighbor Alicia Hunsicker who is a fine artist. She lives directly across the street from me here on Glen Road and her studio will be open during our Open House on December 5/6. Alicia's work is incredibly detailed and beautiful. I have had the good fortune to watch her painting style morph and develop over the 16 years we have lived across from each other. 

Alicia has a show currently at Gallery In the Woods in Brattleboro, Vermont if you can't get to our Open House. You can find more information here

You can also find Alicia at the following places on the web: 

KN: Alicia - I know you went to university to study art. I also know you to be an incredibly driven artist. Tell us about your schooling and what drives you to paint? 
AH: Yes, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Printmaking with a Graphic design concentration.   After graduating, I realized that fine art print shops were very rare in Western Mass so I found a job working with Photography.  During that time (the late 90’s) I experimented with painting and found that I grew to love it.  Over the years as my art process has developed I am finding that I have organically incorporated all of these early elements of learning and exploration into how I create my paintings now.

I feel painting allows me to process my inner thoughts, observations, and feelings about this world we live in.  Creating visual art has always been an essential part of who I am.  It’s what I do and how I express myself.  As I explore the world with interests in science and human consciousness through my art, I have developed a body of paintings that reveal a cosmic discussion about the nature of all things.

KN: When did you learn to paint?
AH: I did take one painting class at the UMass. But essentially I am self taught.  I started painting around 1995 but professionally I have been painting for a little more than 10 years. It was around 2005 when I began to seriously show my artwork. I started with oil painting but as my career grew and demand for my paintings increased I shifted to acrylic for its faster drying times.  

KN: What type of paint do you use?
AH: I love oil paint and my favorite brands are Old Holland & Gamblin.  A few years ago though, out of necessity, I found Golden acrylics which come in the transparent colors I loved when I was working in oil. For a short time, I used the acrylics in my under paintings and did the finishing layers of oil on top.  It really saved me a lot of time as I am a slow and painfully detailed painter.  What really set me exclusively into the world of acrylics is when I found Golden Liquid acrylics……Yum!!  I love the colors and the liquid consistency that keep my paintings smooth. I have also enjoyed experimenting with Golden’s interference colors that shimmer and move from one color to another. 

KN: What is your process for your paintings?
AH: With my printmaking, graphics, and photography background, I have developed a unique way of working
that combines several methods to achieve my unique style of contemporary painting. First, I choose multiple images and experiment in Photoshop with layers and contrast. I do this until I feel I have an image I would like to work with.  I call this my sketch.  I then make black and white xerox copy of the digital image and go through a printing process called a xerox transfer to apply the sketch onto my painting surface.  I seal it with clear gesso and then I start the painting process by adding layers of color.

KN: Your recent paintings seem to me to be a mix of earthly natural forms and images from outer space? How did you come up with this new series?  AH: My work is in a constant metamorphosis and my visual vocabulary evolves from year to year. 
What stands true for my work over time is the exploration of nature’s patterns and how their context can overlap depending on what you are looking at. For example - when the shape of a root on a tree or plant can also be seen as a vein in the body or the path a river takes through land.  I like to play with the Micro and Macro (heaven and earth) with these organic patterns and shapes.  I also love circles and spheres for this same reason as they can be seen in so many ways from cosmic planets to the tiniest of particles,

KN: I love all the blue you are using in your work. As a colorist, I always wonder why artists pick different colors to use. Why did you choose the blues and turquoises and how do they make you feel when you are painting?
AH: Painting is very meditative for me and the blues and turquoises are definitely calming to the eye and it lends itself to the
celestial aspect of my work seen in the night sky backgrounds.  Prussian blue is my favorite background blue color and I feel it is the most calming of all the blues. In the foreground color I like to use brighter blues like cyan or the bright turquoise shades. In the past I have described my paintings as being “a palette of earth and sky” but now with the appearance of these bright flowers shapes I have added a kaleidoscope of color ranges for this latest series.

KN: What products are you offering at the Open House and what are the different price points?
AH: I am really excited about what I have to offer for this event!  I will have a wide range of sizes and price points for my original paintings which I am happy to offer Special Holiday pricing for this weekend only.

I have a very special treat for this open studio: for the first time ever I am offering a selection of full color, archival prints of my paintings, framed and ready to be wrapped up for that special and unique holiday gift.  These come in two affordable sizes.

I also will have available one of a kind artist prints in soft grey tones with hand painted gold leaf accents, framed in two sizes and a small selection of reproductions on aluminum. 

Small gifts and price points under $30 are also available with items such as unframed prints, cards, catalogs, and hand carved wands, and bargain bin artworks.

I am happy to take orders for color prints and small reproductions on aluminum.
I can also work out payment plans for larger signature works with a deposit down.


Judy in Ct said...

I absolutely love her work! I am going to try and recruit some bodies to make the trip to your open house.

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Alicia Hunsicker said...

Thank you Kristin for the opportunity to do this lovely interview with you on your blog! It will be a pleasure to meet some of your fans and followers and share my work with them during this special weekend event. ~Alicia