Where to Eat

There are so many great restaurants close to  our farm at many price points. Here are some that I suggest:

In Greenfield:
Hope and Olive - Owned by our friends Maggie, Jim, and Evelyn. Our lamb is on the menu at this farm to table restaurant. It's a busy place and most weekends you will have to wait. A nice bar that you can also eat at if you are by yourself. 

Magpie - Also owned by our friends Maggie, Jim and Evelyn. Good pizza and nice Italian food. 

The People's Pint - A local hang-out. They make their own beer. Good reasonably priced food but expect a wait. Very popular.

Greenfields Market - For takeout. Good salad bar, coffee, and to go food. This is our local food coop. Also known as Franklin Community Coop or "the coop." 

Mesa Verde - Owned by our friend Amy, this is a very reasonable Mexican restaurant with really good, very reasonably priced food. Downtown Greenfield. 

In Bernardston:
Hillside Pizza - Really great organic pizza, wraps, and salad. Also to go. 

The Farm Table at Kringle Candle - I have never been because it is quite expensive but people like it. 

In Brattleboro:
Brattleburger - Good burgers and salads. 

Amy's Bakery Arts Cafe - Good sandwiches, coffee and luscious bakery items. Yummy.

TJ Buckleys - A small restaurant in a tiny old fashioned diner. 

The Marina - A good restaurant that is set on the water in the northern section of Brattleboro. 

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