Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Digs for the Bottle Lambs

“The farmer” has moved the lambs out to a fiberglass calf hutch he borrowed from his brother, the cow farmer. Thank goodness. It will take me weeks to remove all the wall decorations the lambs left – not to mention the multiple scrubbings of the floor. We really need a proper barn here – so buy a book or two! (From my website if you want it signed and want to help me reap some profit - here's the link to the order form - Kristin Nicholas Book Order Form).

The lambs (there are only 4 of them now – something “wild” carried one of them off the other night) seem happy enough. Every time I open the kitchen door there is a chorus of “baa-I want something to eat.” After another month or so, we will take them to become "real sheep" with the rest of the lambs and mamas over the hill where we have a greenhouse that we use as a barn.

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