Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Diana Vreeland once said "Pink is the navy blue of India." I have always loved that quote and have longed to visit India ever since I began studying world textiles when I was an undergraduate. Maybe someday - but not now. As for my hankering today for all things Indian, I visit Adivasi in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Stepping into Adivasi is like stepping into another world -- far, far away from mainstream USA. It is owned by a lovely American woman Elissa and her Indian husband Schram. The store is a visual feast for anyone who is a color and textile junkie. Stocked with herbs and spices, incense, vintage saris, old prints, bells, antique furniture, statues, blockprinted fabrics, silk covered journals, jewelry and more, I just love this place. The owners, who are frequently there with their two beautiful daughters, truly know how to make someone feel welcome. Each wall is painted a different intense color - yellow, orange, blue, red - it almost makes your head spin from over-stimulation. And how about that incredible cow - isn't she exotic? The prices are reasonable. When I buy something from Adivasi, I know that the people in India are being paid fairly and reasonably.

Visit them soon - you won't be sorry.

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monica said...

I love your blog and I have to thank Jane from Yarnstorm for recommending it. Fabulous! Count me as a reader from now on.