Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'd like to say I had a really great time at the first Brimfield show of the year but it was miserable. There was a forecast of rain but that never deters me. I went dressed in my Scottish wax coat and hat, wool sweater, and red Wellies ready to face the weather. But let's just say it monsooned. The fields were full of mud. The vendors were trying to keep warm in their tents. There was no unbounded joy of the hunt or the sale. It just wasn't any fun in the rain.

I met up with my sister Laurie and friend Clara, drank some tea and then tried again (in vain) to find something fun to buy. I came home with some vintage embroidered pillowcases, a pretty floral frame, and a piece of pottery. Oh well, there is always July. I got these little vintage embroideries last year. I especially love the top one - it must have been some kind of pre-pack kit - the fabric is printed with green and red and then the stitching was done on top. It gives me ideas for combining fabric painting and embroidery in a new way.


Krawuggl said...

I just scrolled down and found those lovely embroideries. Some months ago, I planned to make new curtains for my bathroom with little boats on it. And because I am not a good stitcher, I planned to paint the boats on the fabric, and to do only the outlines and fine lines with simple stitches. Thanks for reminding me. I am looking forward your ideas for combining.

Saltygal said...

I was so looking forward to Brimfield this year and bah, that rain. I suppose the only good thing was that there was plenty of parking!