Monday, May 08, 2006

Brimfield Opens Tomorrow - May 9!

I'm really lucky to live only about 1 1/2 hours from Brimfield, Massachusetts - home to one of the best and biggest flea markets in the USA: It runs for a week in May, July, and September. I try to go on Fridays and meet up with my sister Laurie and friend Clara who come from eastern Massachusetts. I get up at an ungodly early hour of the day/night? and sneek out the door - hopefully not waking anyone. My sister Laurie always beats me though. (Clara is super organized and picks her up probably when I am just climbing out of bed.)

Here are the dates for Brimfield for 2006:
May 9 - 14
July 11 - 16
Sept 5 - 10

We hit J & J - really good quality antiques - but most of the prices are steep (for me). And then after we look at the good stuff, we seek out the other fields where I always find lots of bargains. It is fun to meet shoppers and vendors from all over the world.

I found my first gingham embroidered aprons shown here a few years ago for $2 each. They went on to inspire cross stitch projects in Kids Embroidery and Colorful Stitchery. I always return from Brimfield jazzed but exhausted - with lots of ideas for new projects and stuff to do them with.

Photo by Kevin Kennefick from Colorful Stitchery.

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