Thursday, May 25, 2006

Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival

The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend May 27-28th, 2006 in the lovely town of Cummington, Massachusetts. Cummington is west of Northampton on Route 9 - not a long trip from Boston and definitely worth the ride. It looks to be good weather too!

I like this show because it is very friendly but there is still plenty to see. It has a very family-ish atmosphere - with plenty of interesting fibers, sheep dogs, people and, of course, sheep to entertain you, your friends, and your family. The price is right too - only $5/carload. After a few hours at the Fair, it won't be too late to visit Northampton or North Adams.


Lori said...

Kristin, the sheep are getting a look like they're thinking, "There she is with THAT thing again. I wonder if it's food?" Maybe it's time to stop chasing them with the camera for a little while. :-)

patty bolgiano said...

I'm glad to see you on the web. You've always been one of my favorite designers/colorist. Years ago I wrote you asking how you handled coloring your house all those colors and not having your husband having "issues" with it. You replied that he just got use to it (or something along those lines) well, my husband and I finally moved from the city to the country. No I mean the COUNTRY! I am so far out that we bought a generator for really bad weather--haven't had to use it so far, but eventually I can see us using it. The house is simple, and believe it or not quite colorful! I have an orange kitchen, and another room is orange (my computer/graphics/yarn/studio. I finally got color in my life. I know that I want to paint the bedroom but that is for a different time and date.

Why are people afraid or hesitate to embroder on the knitted item. My thoughts are as follows. First, some were never taught this skill in school or by a family member, so they may feel inadequate doing this type of stitch work. This maybe especially true if they are using dark colors and are using bright colors on top. Secondly I think that most people feel that is additional time that either they don't have, or they like their sweaters plainer.

Classic Elite
This is one of those companies I have admired for a long time. While you were there (to be honest) there was a certain creativity, exploration, design sense and themes that I longed for, and still do. I felt like not only was a knitting a sweater but I was also on the cutting edge of fashion. I don't see that now. The direction of the company has changed and while I still look to them, I find the colors somewhat dull, and sometimes the yarn is to frou-frou. It has to do with my evolving taste and what I want in life.

As you said life happens, there are surgeries, changes in management (my life) and long commutes to work. Changes in technology, ipod, laptops, web, blogs, and RRS (I'm still trying to figure that out) Technology is both a boon as we can connect with individuals who inspire us and we can be on call to employers or work at home when we can't get it all done.

Where I am..
I still buy tons of yarn, and now I am knitting out of necessity (my house is cold even in the summer!) My life has changed as well. There are days when I wish that I could make my love of design (graphics) writing (gotta do list) and fibers/textiles/colors a viable sideline of business for myself. When I read your blog I realize at least someone is doing it successfully to some extent. It makes me wonder just what I can do, (start a blog, work on knitting designs, start small, hats, mittens, simple sweaters with crazy patterns and colors. I'm glad that you've got the Julia line through Nashua yarns. I am intrigues with their worsted weight, but I like the twist of the old "Tapestry" yarn, the colors always made me drool and just looking at the yarns in the basket makes me want to order your yarns.

Well must sign off, I might just work on the blog thing this weekend.

Patty Bolgiano
in Sparks, Maryland

ruthee said...

I was raised in Da teaches at Smith....I was wondering if you were close to Northampton.

I miss it. Jacksonville, Florida is not quite the same.

mehitabel said...

Darn it, I can't get to the MS&W! I will be in the Western Mass/Conn. area in two weeks though, hopefully househunting. I am thinking a couple of alpacas might make nice house pets--if my cats would let them!

Amy said...

Hi, long time fan as well. I will be moving with my family to the a home with a mountain view in western Massachusetts, but most likely west of you.

So glad to see your pattern on the web, please keep them coming!