Monday, May 01, 2006

Sampler Exhibit at Historic Deerfield

Last November I did a fun stitching class for kids and their parents at Historic Deerfield in conjunction with the fabulous exhibit Embroidered History - Stitched Lives. This exhibit shows needlework done by girls from the 1600's to 1830. The pieces - mostly samplers - show many styles of stitching, fibers, and motifs. There are some pieces of clothing also. The work is very fine. It is hard to believe they didn't have electricity and that all the fabrics and threads were handspun.

Visiting the exhibit reminded me that stitching was such an important part of everyday life for the early settlers. There were no stores to buy finished clothing or yarns, no photography to hang on the wall. Needlework told complete family's history and was proudly displayed on the settlers walls.

Here's the link to learn more: Embroidered History. The exhibit will be up until the end of 2006 so if you get the chance, arrange travel plans to attend. There is so much to see at Historic Deerfield - historic houses, museums and more.

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