Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sheep Eating

To feed our sheep when the grass is growing (April to November), we practice "rotational grazing." This is a fancy term for - when there is no more grass left in the field, The Farmer moves the portable electric fence and sets up a new "dinner plate" for the flock. In the springtime, the grass is growing at an unstoppable pace. You can practically watch the cells divide. It is hard for the sheep to keep up with the growth.

When the sheep move to a new piece of grass, I love to sit in the middle of the field. (Guess there isn't much to do here, is there?) After a couple minutes, the sheep don't know I am there. Last night I was surrounded by about 60 lawnmowers -- chomp, chomp, chomping away. It sounds so pretty - all that diligent work and the smell of the fresh clipped grass. Here's what it looks like from the point of view of the grass.

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