Monday, May 22, 2006

A welcome surprise in the mail

I love to pick up my mail - sometimes if I'm lucky, there is a present in the box in the form of a new magazine mixed amongst the many bills and pieces of junk mail. Yesterday, I was totally shocked. I received the newest issue of Rowan Yarn's Knitting Newsletter which goes to certain subscribers throughout the world - it is called the Rowan International Knitting Club. And guess what? There I was in a two page feature called A Day in the Life of Kristin Nicholas.

Now, it shouldn't have been a total surprise; somehow they had to find out what a "Day in the Life" here on the farm was like. I wrote the piece back in March (I think) but I was two months past the due date. I sent it in anyway and never heard a thing. I figured, oh well - missed the date. That procrastination thing got me again!
But I guess I wasn't too late. And it is a real thrill for me.

For years I have admired what those folks do over in Holmfirth. They put out beautiful yarns and their photos and books are styled so creatively. While I was working at Classic Elite, I never looked too hard at what Rowan was doing - I didn't want to be too influenced by them. I wanted to have a clear vision of what I wanted to do for my American customer. Now, I can look all I want because I don't work for anyone anymore, except myself. I do what I want and hope people like it.

Thank you Rowan, from me, and from all the knitters who you keep inspired.


sereknitty72 said...

Congrats to you! It's always nice to see that someone appreciates what you're doing! That must've been a great surprise in the mailbox--definitely better than the energy bill! LOL!

lyn said...

I recieved my copy and read about you - your work is fabulous.
: )