Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lady's Mantle

I'm sure that if you are familiar with my knitwear design, you know one of my favorite colors to use is a lovely chartreuse color which I have always called Lady's Mantle. It is named after one of my garden plants (latin name Alcemilla Vulgaris) and you can read about it here. All herbal lore aside - I just love the color of the flowers and the shape of the leaves. In the morning, I find dew drops on the leaves but in the photo, that is rain. Lady's Mantle is a great color to use in bits and pieces to make other colors pop and if you are brave, it is a rich, solid color. The swatch here is from a sweater I did for Vogue Knitting (Winter 2003) which was photographed in another favorite color - French Pumpkin. You can find that turtleneck pullover on the knitwear page of my website.

We're having lots of rain in western Massachusetts. We need it because the snowfall was so low.
It is quite dreary, not what one usually expects in June. The sheep have long fleeces and they can't get dry. Another amazing sheep fact for farm newbies is that sheep can get footrot if there is too much moisture in the ground. We've got a bunch of limping animals; once the rain goes away, they will be fine in a day or two.

I'm off to the "big show" in Indianapolis tomorrow - TNNA. There I will be showing my new colors of Julia to all the local yarn stores who visit the Nashua Handknits booth. I have also been working on new stitchery kit designs for JCA. There has been a lot of late nights stitching. The biggest conundrum I have is my wardrobe. My regular feeding chickens and sheep clothing is a bit different than what the yarn stores expect to see me in. I don't want to waste any money on clothes I will never wear again. I'm just hoping it isn't too hot and I can wear some of my favorite black wool separates.

If you're a yarn store owner, be sure to stop by the Nashua Handknits booth. I'll be there in the morning and afternoon. It will be exciting to meet some new and enthusiastic retailers, authors, and designers. I have only been to this show once in the seven years since I began my freelance career and it will be fun to see how things are changing for the better.

I'll take my digital camera and post some pics next week.


Kim said...

If you can believe our weather forecasters, you should have a pleasant weekend here in Indy. I hope you enjoy our city. I only recently discovered your blog. Your words and pictures are gifts. Thank you for sharing them.

patty bolgiano said...

If I may suggest, look at llbean and lands end for casual work clothes. They can be used for everyday and special occassions. Look a their travelors line. packable and easy and you can always use a scarf or pretty shawl as a comment piece. Enjoy and let us in on TNNA scoop.

Patty in Baltimore

ANNELIS said...

Hi there
I wrote you a couple of years ago from Switzerland to enquire about Julia yarn. Well I'm actually sitting on the chair cushion I knitted using your design in Weekend Knitting. Not only are the yarn colors gorgeous but it still looks new, although it's been sat on a lot! I opened a yarn shop in Geneva, Switzerland and would certainly carry the yarn if it wasn't for the high transport cost and import duties. Anyway, I love your designs too and will try the tea cozy on! I just discovered your blog and will check back to see what else you're surprising us with... Thanks for all the fun and the inspiration,

Sue Woo said...

I just found your blog! Yay! I love your work, especially that sweater on the cover of IK.

I live in the South where we value our deep shade. Chartreuse plants light up those spaces. I love them too.

Have fun at the Big One!

Jane said...

I love the way your knitting patteren mirrors the leaves in the photo.