Friday, June 02, 2006

The Population is Exploding

Last night, I mindlessly turned off the kitchen light. But before I could do that chore, I had to check that everyone was okay. I have a small family here in this house. At least, that’s what I always think – only one child and one husband and me. That’s just how it worked out. And it is a lovely life.

But on my way up the stairs, I started thinking about all the other living creatures inside this house I spend my time caring for. Every night, I have to check the chicks water and food and make sure they are all happy and safe. Yes, they are still in the house. See how big they have gotten. They’re feathers are coming in and they are looking like true adolescents. And they are beginning to fly!

Next, I had to put the “puppy” Ness in the crate – she’s one now but the crate is still the safest place for her and my rugs. Then I let Phoebe, our other Border Collie inside. (That’s the two collies – Phoebe on the left and Ness on the right - watching the chick – I think I get the chicks partly for their entertainment.)

Then I had to make sure the momma kitty Lilly Pons was taking care of feeding her three new kittens. She's a great momma and has beautiful kittens. I know it’s not politically correct to not spay a cat but we enjoy a new batch of kittens so much. My mother never let my sisters and I have any animal that pro-created (except guinea pigs). I always envied the kids whose parents let their animals have kittens and puppies. Julia is lucky that Mark and I enjoy kittens almost as much as she does. Kitten anyone?

This nightly ritual doesn’t include the one hundred fifty plus sheep and thirty chickens living outside munching away. I guess we do have a big family after all. When I think of it in pure numbers, it's overwhelming. But when I am amongst it, it's just home and how we've made it.

Family is what and who you make it. I hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.


Lauren said...

The pups are so cute watching the chick, and the kittens are cute too. It was a nice virtual visit to the menagerie.

Suzanne said...

My daughter Sarah and I love the kitties... We have 3 cats who amuse my 4 daughters. Your site has inspired me to start my own new blog - difficult, as I'm computer phobic. I'm not ready to share my vague musings, but I so enjoy your simple, lovely insights. Thanks. (picking up a copy of "Writing Down the Bones")

Anonymous said...

You'll have to update when the pigs come -- how about a segment on Boo3 ?


Natalie said...

It's not a matter of "political correctness" to spay or neuter your pet, it's a matter of there being too damn many animals, not enough homes, and people who think that pet animals are disposable (I'm not saying that you think they're disposable, but a lot of people do).

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of the chick and dogs so much I made it my desktop background!

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