Thursday, July 06, 2006

Embroidery Feature in Domino

If you look hard in almost every high end shelter magazine, you'll find embroidered decorator objects. I look to these magazines for inspiration - color, motifs, design, graphics - just about everything. When one of my magazines comes in, I try to carve out a little time that evening to see what's new, what's hot, and to determine what the editors are looking for. I also try to jump on any opportunity to submit my books and kits to the editors for a possible feature. Most times I just spend the money for postage, the book, the kit and then swallow hard and know that it will either end up in the trash or in one of the illustrious NY sample sales. But there's always the "chance" that someone may be interested.

The new July/August issue of Domino Magazine has two interesting bits about stitchery. One of the editors is "craving" Nouveau Needlepoint. Although all the needlepoint shown is finished products for sale, can a resurgence in the craft of needlepoint be far behind? Maybe the editors are reading the same things I am reading.

The second feature is about a textile designer named Cara Spinelli who is working with stitchers in Transylvania to create a line of linens including embroidered pillows and bath linens. They have an almost antique look to them - similar to what I see being sold at Brimfield as antique fabrics. Maybe the antique dealers are buying from the same sources. In any event, the website is nice and the pillows (one shown at right) have a folkloric feeling to them:

Lena Corwin is a textile designer and illustrator who illustrated STC's Kids Crafting Series on crochet and weaving. They were published as companions to my Kids' Embroidery. Lena has a nice blog that I read often. Today she pointed the world to some new embroidered pillows on the Hable Construction site that are shown below. Retailing for between $135 and $165, they give anyone a good reason to pick up Colorful Stitchery and try a little stitchery on their own. Or buy one of my stitchery kits and do it yourself.

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