Friday, July 14, 2006

Maya the kitten moves on

The first kitten of three has moved on to a new home. Here are the two little fluffballs enjoying one last tussle before being split up.

Today my friend Deborah arrived with a wicker kitty basket to adopt one of the little black fluffballs. I have been agonizing over this moment all week. I know she is going to a wonderful, loving home and she will be one of the queens of the castle. She is joining Luna, a five year old Siamese-ish kitty. But tonight her mama Lilly Pons and sister Flora and brother Mr. Zoe Sophia are wondering what is a-miss.

Deborah is a textile collector and her business along with her partner Jay's is to sell Asian textiles to museums and collectors throughout the world. I like to think of our little kitty presiding over important meetings with hotsy-totsy curators. It's hard to say no to a wonderful woman who also is a painter and arrives in an outfit of chartreuse linen topped with an ikat shawl. Long live the new little family.


Charlotte said...

Kristin, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog -- and have enjoyed your creative patterns! I also took your post a few days ago to heart and just ordered a copy of Kids' Embroidery for my son. He's almost 3, so still a little young to take up the needle, but he saw a picture of the book on my computer and was immediately drawn to it. I'm thinking it's something we'll enjoy as a family together for many years (his dad is a quilter/embroiderer/knitter, too). Thank you for taking the time to give us such wonderful snapshots of your life and your creative impulses and inspiration.

Robin said...

I love your kitties and congrats on Ness! I picked up Creative Home the other day at Home Depot, just because you had mentioned that you were in there. What a great article; I will be cutting it out to put in my book with the rest of your material that I have. You're the best...keep on creating!

Elizabeth said...

You are very brave. I could not give any of them away!

Nik said...

i wouldn't have known that there were two cats in that top picture if you hadn't told me.

oh, my eyes.

I wish I could adopt one.

ash said...

Delighted to have found you via the lovely Gretel in the Middle of Nowhere. I am thinly disguised as my chocolate labrador Ash but the blog links to our Workhouse website. Looking forward to reading more of your creative life,