Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stitching news!

There's a great article in the Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina) News and Observer about stichery. It even mentions my new book along with a bunch of other new stitching titles. Here's the link.

On the web I've been finding some great stitching. Check out Hillary Lang's new post over at Wee Wonderfuls. Jane at Yarnstorm has some beautiful stitched pieces she made at a class with Janet Bolton this weekend. Vicki at Turkey Feathers made a beautiful embroidered bag. Stitching seems to be happening. The heat helps! Holding fabric and a little needle is way more comfortable than knitting needles filled with wooly yarn.

Suzi from Bavaria gave me the idea to post some pictures from Colorful Stitchery once in a while - so that blog readers would get a glimpse of what the projects inside are like. (She got the book and loved it - all the way in Germany - wow!) Here's a photo of one of my favorite pillows in the book - inspired by Matisse's colors and stitched in wool on linen fabric. I thought this photo might be the cover of the book but they deemed it too simple. To me, it's simple and enticing at the same time. And I love the rusted iron chair I got at a wacky farm auction for a buck the year we moved here.

Wednesday night I volunteered at the local library to teach a stitching class. Many times, when I volunteer to do a booksigning or class, noone shows up. It drives me crazy to give up my free time, prepare, haul the stuff there, and then have noone show. Is it that free doesn't work? I think so - I think if students pay, they are more apt to come. But the ladies at my local library are very nice to Julia - getting her special orders all the time - and so I feel I owe them bigtime! Wednesday night, I had nine students and most of them drove from other towns. They all caught on and had fun. Many were school teachers who were off for the summer and they were thinking about teaching their students stitching next year. It was fun to see such excitement and enthusiasm.


bob y said...

Is it that free doesn't work? I think so

You're so right. I give help to people with computer problems several times a week. People I charge for the help appreciate it more than the ones I don't charge!

Kate said...

That is so sad - people can be so generous with their time, and there is no appreciation. Congratulations for having such a successful class, and for being the beginning teacher of a new generation of stitchers!

Anonymous said...
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