Monday, July 17, 2006

Summertime and the Stitching is Easy

I've heard from a lot of new readers since the Creative Home issue hit subscriber's homes. I welcome all my new readers and hope I can convert some of you to become stitchers.

Everyone is so busy these days, racing around between trips to the seaside, visiting friends and generally enjoying the warm weather here in North America. Whenever I take a trip, I always make sure I have some kind of needlework project to bring with me. Since I mostly knit with wool (I just can't get excited about knitting with cotton), I find it a little hot and cumbersome to carry around my knitting projects.

We're in the middle of a massive heatwave here in the northeast and there is no relief in sight. We don't have any air conditioning, just some fans in the bedrooms. It is best to plan physical activity for early mornings and evenings and to just sit still the rest of the day or visit the local stream-fed swimming hole. Over-exertion is just plain uncomfortable. Lemonade and ice tea are beverages of choice.

Weather like this is perfect for teaching yourself to stitch. You'll feel productive and creative without overheating. If you've picked up my book Colorful Stitchery, your mind is filled with lots of fun ideas for gifts and your home. But face it, you're short on time. If this is new hobby, you're in a rush to learn. You are finding it overwhelming to collect the fabric, the yarn, and the tools. You might want to try one of my needlework kits. I've taken a photo of what's in a stitchery kit. There's fabric with the design printed on it (you won't need to draw the design on the fabric), complete instructions, a needle, all the yarn you'll need for stitching, a color photo to follow, and backing fabric for the pillow. The linen fabric in the kits is so nice and cool to stitch on. If you are really frugal (as I tend towards), you could use the linen pillow backing fabric supplied for a second pillow design from my book. Then find some colorful prints at a quilting store and back both with them. Voila - two pillows from one kit. (You'll have to supply your own threads though).

You can even order it from me and I'll ship it to you directly by Priority Mail. You can make yourself busy immediately, beat the heat and stay creative.

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