Sunday, August 13, 2006

The first bloom

The first sunflower bloomed yesterday. I don't know if you can see, but when I examined the bloom, there were 10 bees down in the corner sleeping in it. You can imagine the buzzing activity that happens once the whole field begins blooming. One of our neighbors keeps honeybees and I assume these must be from her hives.

This sunflower is called Autumn Beauty - it's a colorful mix of blooms from yellow, orange, toffee, and dark reds that we buy from Johnny's Selected Seeds up in Maine. Johnny's has great varieties and their service is speedy.

Here's how the field looked not that long ago.
Sunflower Progress Report #1
Sunflower Progress Report #2


Kim said...

I really love sunflowers. They used to spring up in the wild on my dad's farm, but I rarely see them around here!

simmyb said...

How exciting to see them bloom now. They must be such a lovely sight - such a bright and cheery flower. I seem to be brainwashed at the moment because I'm into natural dyeing and whenever I see a flower or plant I ask myself if it could be used as a dye and what colour it would produce. I'm even doing it when I go past a flower stall...