Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunflower Update - Early August 2006

We went down to check on the sunflowers. You can see how high they are as compared to Mark who is about 5'9" tall. I think we will have a first bloom this week.

This photo shows the ones that were germinating in this post. They've got a long way to go and we think they may be a little stunted. It's a little too wet where we plant them. But at least there are a lot of leaves. I know they will eventually bloom.


Anonymous said...

what people do not realize is that this is one of the few pictures of the Farmer.


Nancy said...

What varieties of sunflower do you grow? I am looking for a shorter variety for arrangements like in Van Gogh paintings. Nancy

Kristin said...

Nancy - I buy my sunflower seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds. They have a huge variety - even some dwarf varieties. There is one that I call the Van Gogh flower - I think it is about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall when full grown - the variety is called Sungold. Also, I think there is a dwarf variety called Teddy Bear which is available through Johnny's that is also like a Van Gogh sunflower. They have great service - ship in a day and fair prices.

If you look on my press page and download the article from Country Home, you'll see a giant sunflower bouquet on the cover of the magazine. All of those sunflowers came from Johnny's Seeds.