Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blooming in all their glory!

While we were away - the first variety of sunflower to bloom in its entirety began. This type is a single stem (which are about 2" in diameter - I use some big clippers to cut them). They are called ProCut Orange (from Johnny's Seeds in Maine). These hybrid sunflowers are what you typically find for sale in the grocery store all year long. Commercial growers grow them in greenhouses in the winter. Ours though have huge 8" heads and look way more healthy.

I missed the peak cutting time for them because we went away but I think everyone who passed the field enjoyed seeing their sunny faces blooming away. The seed heads are developing now and the birds are just waiting to harvest the seeds.


maryse said...

so pretty. i love sunflowers.

Kathy said...

Oh, wow! They are beautiful. Are you heading to Brimfield this week? I'm hoping to go on Friday, at least for a bit.