Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It must be fall

It happens to me every August. It always surprises me but then I remember and say to myself “Oh yeah, it’s almost fall – my favorite time of the year.” I begin to anticipate the clear crisp air and the changing colors of the landscape.

It begins for me when I start noticing the shades of gold in the landscape. I’m not really a gold person – if you asked me, it wouldn’t be my favorite color. It’s hard not to think of the early 70’s and the gold kitchen stove we had.
But gold at this time of the year is quite remarkable. It must be the angle of the light, the shortening of the days, the clouds, the gray days, the slowing of the natural world around us as the flora starts to slow down and die. Gold colors take on an almost fluourescent tinge to them. The sun beats down on them in just the right way and it makes me feel warm inside. It won’t be long until there’s a fire in the fireplace and lambstew on the stove.

I’ve been doing a little observing with my eyes and my little camera. Here’s what I have seen so far. Enjoy the warm tones of your computer screen. I’ll be filling it for a few days with gold of the natural kind.

Okay, so this first photo isn’t completely natural. This building (along with about seven more) is just outside Middlebury College on its Breadloaf Campus. Every time the Farmer and I drive past them, I just go nutty for the color. In late August the light was hitting them just right and they looked almost magical. We had a picnic on the lawns and then headed back to normal life.

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Paula said...

This is just the sort of place that I would stop, too. What a beautiful color!