Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The last days of summer

Back from a very quick but lovely break from normal life spending the last few breaths of summer with Mark and Julia on Lake Champlain (Vermont) at our friend's cabin. It was cold and very windy the first couple days but the last one the water was calm enough for Mark and Julia to try a little fishing in the row boat. They didn't catch anything but there were a lot of smiles as I watched from on shore. The dogs even enjoyed the water. Nessie was quite hilarious chasing the waves and trying to catch one. The Lake Champlain area offers lots of cultural and farming activities which were right down our alley. I discovered some wonderful places I will share later in the week.

Lake Champlain is so huge it has the feel of an ocean although the Adirondacks are just on the other side. The sunsets are so amazing - especially on a cloudy day. The lake with the backdrop of those hills is really breathtaking. We had been to this same spot a few times but not since Julia was born. She is finally to the age where I think she will remember trips she takes with us.

Getting The Farmer to go away is a real chore. It's not that he doesn't like to leave - it is just plain difficult. He spent one day moving seventy sheep across the mountain to join the rest of the flock and so his brother could look over them. Jeremy the Llama caused the most trouble because he really didn't want to get in the trailer. He has become rather wild since he doesn't get much handling. Our friend Mike checked in on and fed other livestock here so we didn't need to worry.

Julia started second grade today and I miss her already. I think I had more butterflies than she did. I relived my fears of the first day of school all night long while hoping I would wake up early enough to get her there on time. She was ready to get back to see her friends. Now it's back to work for me with some paintings due, some needlework projects deadlines looming and finishing up my new knitting book which will be out next summer 2007.

Thanks so much Bill, Marsha, Jack and Elaine for the wonderful break!


togbean said...

Nice to have you back Lady!
I'm working on a pair of those C-razy socks, I'll post a pic soon I hope.
My oldest starts Kindergarten tomorrow and I don't think there are butterflies in my stomach - I think they're Macaws. Say hello to Julia for me :)

Robin said...

Welcome back Kristin!

suburbaknit said...

I'm jealous! Were you on Isle La Motte or one of the other islands? Since moving to Arizona last year, haven't been to the family cottage there this year. :( Saving our pennies to get there next year.