Friday, September 15, 2006

A Sunflower Pillow

Sunflowers are always inspiring for me. I pick and pick and think of how I would like to portray their happy faces in my art and textile design. If only I had as much time as I had ideas. Here's a pillow I made last summer. I used the pink gingham fabric from this post (it's a heavyweight decorating fabric so the embroidery stitches sit nicely on top of it).

I drew circles for the centers of the flowers using coins as patterns. I filled them in with chain stitch which rotated around in a closely packed swirl. For the petals, I used fly stitch. Shiny cotton floss makes a nice contrast to the matte finish of the gingham. You can use my book Colorful Stitchery to figure it out for yourself!

Looking at this pillow on a short, dark winter day reminds me that the sunflowers will bloom again and the cycle of life will repeat.


PamKittyMorning said...

Really pretty!

Kathy said...


Mumintroll said...

Your sunflower pillow is so lovely.Your book Coloful Stitchery is one of my favorite book. I used it very often.

togbean said...

Kristin! The Banner is SO Fab! Great work.