Monday, October 23, 2006

Julia Child Portrait

Mike’s Maze is in Sunderland, MA – about 25 minutes from our farm. For about six years they have been growing corn mazes. Although we have yet to visit it (good intentions don't always pan out), this year I am especially interested in it. Last spring they announced that one of my favorite cookbook authors would be immortalized in corn - none other than Julia Child. Julia had a local connection to this area. She was a graduate of Smith College and frequently came back to visit the area. She was also very generous to her alma mater.

I've been wanting to see how the maze has been growing and from the photo here which I got off the Mike's Maze website, Julia is looking pretty great - spatulas, knives and all. You can listen to interview which was on Weekend Edition on NPR here. If you are planning on coming to the FiberTwist next Saturday October 28th, you may want to add this to your itinerary.

Earlier this summer I really enjoyed reading the new book "My Life in France" by Julia and her nephew Alec Prud'homme. What a good quick read. Biographies are my favorite genre of books - they always make me feel better about my work. I find Julia's life so inspiring - her late start in cooking, her desire to learn, and her dedication to PBS and its teaching philosophies, and most of all - her joie de vivre. She has had such a huge influence on so many chefs and cooks, including me. One of my favorite cookbooks is "The Way to Cook." I can always find great directions and ideas for a meal or transforming leftovers into another meal. Thank you Julia for all you did.

I'm positive Julia would be truly flattered to be portrayed in corn. Don't you agree?


Laritza said...

Love the pictures on your blog. Love the dogs :)
Question: how did you make the buttons for the color cardigan? I can't quite see the detail.

Linda said...

what a coincidence. I've just finished (yesterday) reading the Julia Child book and enjoyed it immensely. I'm in Ireland and picked up the book for one euro from a thrift shop. I'm not letting it go! A fascinating read. Enjoy your blog too, especially the recent zipper tutorial.

Lise said...

How do they do with the corn?

and I love the picture of the cat.

Thank you for all your sharing

Kate said...

What a fantastic way to mark someone's achievements - I think she really would have liked it.

Kathy said...

Oh, wow. Amazing (hee hee)! I agree that she's find it highly amusing.

Jane Ann said...

I'm not a knitter but I just discovered your blog--it's marvelous. I was struck by your post about Julia Child's book, as I posted my own reaction to it in my blog in July. Thought you might be interested in what I took from it.

Bon appetite!