Friday, November 10, 2006

A little more fall color

I have had a totally kooky week here and I am exhausted. To top it all off, Julia had only had 3 full school days this week. Lots less time to get stuff done. Julia and I are off to eastern Massachusetts for the day. I thought I would end the week with a few more beautiful shots of fall. It doesn't look like this anymore around here - much more naked and gray - but these pictures help me remember how beautiful and colorful it was just three short weeks ago.

I found this fern on a walk and just loved the swirly way the color was changing on the fronds.

The Farmer and I first saw Scottish Highland Cattle on a trip to Scotland almost 23 years ago. I have always wanted a few to keep in the pasture because they just look so darn cool. We have decided not to invest though right now because it would mean a serious fence upgrade which costs mucho. (Remember how well we did with the four Boer Goats?) Lucky for us, someone not far from us bought two of them three years ago. Now there are seven. I drive past them every week just to appreciate their beauty.

This old truck is sitting on the side of the field where some of our sheep are grazing now. I just love how the light blue color and the rust looks against the the gold, brown and chartreuse colors of the turning leaves.


togbean said...

Sometimes we forget that domestic animal once roamed free. That SH Bull looks so windswept and wild - fantasctic.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how beauty can be found even in a rusty old truck.:)If I were a painter I think that truck would be fun to paint.

Anonymous said...

I love your photo of the Scottish Highland cow (steer/bull?!). They are a particularly beautiful breed, I agree, and its been years since I saw one, or thought of them. We have polled Herefords, but a nephew had a couple a while back, and I remember how unusually lovely they were. I'm going to spend hours Googling these cattle to see if there are any

Siri said...

Ah! Old rusty trucks in the Fall. One of my favorite things. Nice to know I'm not the only one to notice these things!

Sarah and Jack said...

I have been in love with those Scottish Highland Cattle since I saw them in a magazine a long, long time ago. How cool.