Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tricia Guild Strikes Again

I have long been a fan of Tricia Guild, the owner of Designer’s Guild in London. When I visit London, her store on King’s Road is a must-stop. The colors, the patterns, the merchandise is all so beautiful. The physical space of the store is gorgeously designed too. There’s even a fun café in the basement.

Since it takes me a few planes and at least $1000 to get to King’s Road, I have resorted to living vicariously through Tricia Guild’s books. It seems there is a new one every year and I try to treat myself if I can afford it. I just got the new one Tricia Guild Pattern which I recently saw written up in Elle Décor. All I can say is I am not disappointed. It is amazing, If you are a design and color fanatic like me, you may want to add this book to your Christmas wishlist.

Here’s the cover –

Here are the end-papers – can you believe – 2 different beautiful prints –

Here is the cover without the jacket –

Here is one of the amazing color spreads – Look carefully at the right hand page – it is a translucent overlay printed with a beautiful image.

Here’s what the underside image looks like.

It is like this all the way through – beautiful image after beautiful image. The writing is nice too.

And here’s a sneak peek close-up of the cover. Yes, that is flocking on the cover – Amazing, huh? Can you wait til Christmas? Enjoy!


kneek said...

I appreciate the recommendation. Have you already posted a list of inspirations? Where do you look for pattern ideas?

futuregirl said...

Looks like a wonderful book. I'm going to have to go check it out. Thanks!

Heather said...

How gorgeous, both the book itself and her patterns. I just love the silhouette effect.

B. said...

In our family it is against the rules to buy such a gift-worthy item in the month before Christmas in case someone might have already thought of getting you that book as a present and now will have to come up with another idea.

But it does appear to be a beautiful book.

mathea said...

Oooh! I neeeed that book! I'm a fan of Tricia Guild myself and have several of her books. I recently found both "Inspiration" and "Think colour" on special offer at my local book store. They are both gracing my coffee table as we speak! I'll start dropping hints about this one to family and friends in the run up to Christmas, and if no one takes the hint, I'll just have to treat myself to it just after Christmas ;-) - thank you for the recommendation!