Monday, November 06, 2006

Vogue Knitting Pillow Reclaimed

We use our dining room about twice a year. A shame because it is so beautiful. But most of the year, it is filled with boxes of inventory, paperwork and stuff that overflows from the other areas of our home we use most. I'm okay with this because we don't have much storage in this old house and there has to be one place you can put stuff. When we do decide to use the dining room, it means that I have to do a massive clean-out. (That means soon too since we are hosting the Nicholas Clan for turkey in a few weeks.)

When I was getting ready for the FiberTwist the other day, I ventured in and this is what I found. Are they too cute? Zoe Sophia and Flora were asleep on a large pillow I did for Winter 2005 Vogue Knitting "Designer Challenge". I don't often get my projects back from magazines but this time I did. I was really excited to be able to add it to my collection of handknit and handstitched pillows. Unfortunately, the cats discovered it too and adopted it. Lucky cats.

The other day I decided to take back my pillow. I washed and restuffed it and here it is in my library/t.v. room. All winter we spend evenings in this room. The Farmer builds a cozy fire in the little fireplace and we read, draw or knit. Although I really don't enjoy the short days, it does make for lots of time for swatching and knitting. You've got to make the best of it so here I sit knitting amongst my pillows, cat or two by my side.

The embroidered pillows to the left and right are made from finely stitched embroideries from Uzbekistan which I made into pillows. Pink is a relatively new color for me to use in my designs and I must say, it is due to my daughter Julia's influence. Although I tried to keep her out of pink for years, there is no stopping her now. I've adopted it now and find it cheerful. By combining Pretty Pink with colors like Espresso, Pumpkin, Chartreuse, and Delphinium (in my Julia Yarn from Nashua Handknits, of course) it cuts the sweetness factor. This pillow makes me happy when I look at it and it mixes nice with lots of the others I have made.


Suzanne said...

Just gorgeous!

patty bolgiano said...

the pinks with teals, navy blue are also fun,


Kathy said...

It's beautiful. I'm not really a pink person, but I do like it mixed with other colors as well.

togbean said...

What strange and wonderful influences our children wield over us. She seems to have a lovely effect on your work :)

Alicia P. said...


And . . . those cats. I do love them so!

Anonymous said...

Your pillow is gorgeous. I found your blog by googling on how to sew a zipper onto a sweater. I am looking forward to trying it out.

Marsha said...

The pillow is fantastic!! I love your cats. My cat wants to be on top of whatever ball of yarn I'm working with. It cracks me up that I can leave a little swatch of fabric or knitting on a table and the cat will position herself right on top of it and take a nap.

I can't believe you are doing all this on a dial up connection. I guess there is no way around it, but ouch!!!!