Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Book Idea for Kids – The Goat Lady

“The Goat Lady” was recommended to me by our local librarian. It is a totally wonderful story about an old woman who raises milk goats next to a suburban development. Everyone thinks she is odd and the children are afraid of her. The story is true and is written and illustrated by Jane Bregoli. The story tells of the author’s children meeting Noelie, The Goat Lady, and how their friendship develops. The kids, parents, and other people in the neighborhood learn from Noelie. I don’t want to give too much away…… Just trust me that it is a perfect addition to any family’s library.

This story could happen anywhere in the USA as farming communities are trending towards suburbia. The mother/author/illustrator is a portrait painter and the book grew out of the paintings she did of her neighbor. The portraits of Noelie, the children, and the goats are wonderfully warm. This book has a lovely lesson in it for children and adults. The author has a lovely website too. The Goat Lady book was awarded the ASPCA's Childrens Book Prize.

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kneek said...

Owen's teacher read this book to his preschool class this week. It is a wonderful book, both the story and the illustrations are captivating. I'd love to see more paintings by this author.