Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy 2007

The new year 2007 has already proven to be a busy one. After a holiday week of nasty illness for The Farmer and I, I'm glad to be back to the normalness of our everyday lives. Julia ran circles around us as we reclined on the couch watching movies and coughing for the majority of the holiday week.

I have already returned from my first assignment of 2007. New Year's Day I flew to Detroit, Michigan to film three segments for the new PBS show - Knit and Crochet Today. It was a whirlwind trip but fun and exciting. I found Detroit to be an amazingly beautiful and interesting city. The architecture is astounding. I stayed in a wonderful Bed and Breakfast/Hotel called The Inn on Ferry Street. The Inn is made up of four Victorian mansions that were built side by side. They are all restored impeccably and the staff was incredibly welcoming and kind. Still decorated for the holidays, each room had a non-working tiled fireplace. The main dining room had a lovely seating area. I was there with Candi Jensen, the author (and producer of this new series), Brett Barra - editor of Crochet Today, and Carla Scott - Executive Editor of Vogue Knitting. We all had a lovely time swapping stories and knitting.

I spent the majority of the Holiday break making "step-outs" for my segments for the show. I could have had more but as it was, I was knitting up until the last minute. It is amazing the amount of work that goes into a show like this. I don't think anyone who watches is aware of the hours of work the guest puts into it.

Here's what the set looked like.

Here's what I looked at while I was demonstrating. It takes lots of people to make a t.v. show.

The show is hosted by Kassi DaPaiva, who is a star of the American soap opera "One Life to Live." Kassi, herself is a crocheter was funny and friendly and totally non-intimidating. Her character Blair is in a coma right now so she was able to tape the thirteen episodes of Knit and Crochet Today. I found Kassi to be quite remarkable. Besides being a dedicated actress, she also raises money for The League of the Hard of Hearing. One of the fundraisers she does is selling her own crocheted hats on her website. She has a personal interest in this as her son JQ was born with bilateral profound hearing loss and has cochlear implant.

As the series information becomes more available, I will let you know. In order for it to be a success, it has to be snapped up by lots of local PBS stations. I think that some down-home, grass-roots enthusiasm by a bunch of knitters and crocheters will help it get out there. If you are a local yarn store or perhaps a book store who sponsors a "knitting night", sponsoring the new PBS Knit and Crochet show may be something you want to think about.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I wish you the best for 2007.


Amy said...

As a lifelong resident of the Detroit area, it is SO refreshing to hear someone say something positive! That's exciting about the new show- I can't wait to see it!

btchwstix said...

Although I am in Toronto, I am able to get that PBS station. Would love to know when it is airing so be sure to keep us updated. So great to hear more crafty shows are coming to tv.


Suzanne said...

I do hope they put that show out of PBS in Boston--can't wait! How do you get a shop to advertise-the local yarn shop here would I bet.

kate said...

Glad you are better- and back :) Neat about Kassi. My daughter and I visited an oral deaf school over break- astounding to see these kids with cochlear implants learning to talk- it is fascinating- I would love to go into it!

Marsha Finney said...

Hi Kristin,

Wow, way to start the new year! THat has to get your motor running. I just purchased ScarSTYLE and low and behold, you are scar number one, Bright Stripes. It is great looking and I am going to make it! Can't wait to check stash and pick out colors. You are an amazing inspiration.

Thank you for your kind comments about my paintings!

Anonymous said...

That's fun!
I got to sit by Kassi DaPaiva at a dinner a few years ago. She was golfing at the Dinah Shore Pro Am tournament.

I am looking forward to this show.
I love the owl on your door too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,
So glad that you had a good time in Detroit and that you are presenting some of yhour work. I look forward to more info from yhou on the TV show. When can we see it and is it only being shown in Detroit?
Yhour bestest fan

Anonymous said...

I hope to be able to view this program from NY. I'm looking forward to it I have been watching Kassie on her soap for years and I can't wait to see her in something different. Thank you for sharing your detroit experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. Congrats on the tv programs! I hope we can see it in the US South!

I discovered your charming pom pom wreath after Christmas, I started thinking about how to decorate in dreary "Blue January". We try to keep something changing visually for my 84 year old mother and 80 year old uncle.

Take a look at the farm-made gumball tree with a new twist. You probably have all the same ingredients on your farm!

With your creativity, you could make it even more interesting!

Keep up the good work!

Carol Perecman said...

Hi Kristin,

I enjoy reading your blog and admire your work. I read with interest your post about your trip to Detroit to film the new PBS show. As a lifelong Detroiter, I am so glad that you found the experience a positive one. Did you visit any local yarn shops while you were here? THere is a great one downtown called City KNits, but I live out in the burbs now and don't get there that often. I am going to take a copy of your post to my lys and see if they might be interested in sponsoring. THanks for the heads-up!

All the best,
Carol Perecman, who, sadly, cannot wear Julia though she loves the's the mohair that does me in!

BklynVonne said...

Glad to hear of a show featuring crochet. Kassie is great; had the pleasure of meeting her at Knitty City in NY! Yvonne