Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stay Warm

Winter colors make me cold. I look and look and look for divine color inspiration in the January New England landscape and I can’t find it. Most times of the year, I have no problem. The landscape in winter just doesn’t do it colorfully for me. Looking at these photos, makes me shiver. I imagine the wind whipping through the fields and I wrap the scarf I never took off around my neck again. Everything is trying to get warm – the tree branches, the moss, the fungus, the birds. It won’t happen for awhile.

We too are trying to keep warm. Piling on the layers. Hoping the newborn lambs won’t freeze. Making another pot of soup to warm our insides. Hunting for kindling can be a numbing experience – thank goodness there is an evening fire to warm up with. I wonder how the people who built our house in 1751 ever survived? It had to be all they could do to try to get warm.

All I want to do now is warm up with a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast. But I better not disappoint Phoebe and Ness by skipping their morning walk. Hope you are warm wherever you are today.


Francie said...

Beautiful photos! There is some color, but it's so subtle, and stark. It's hard to stay warm looking at all the gray, but your blue sky is cheerful. It's cold here in Wisconsin too, but the sunsets have been pretty - a pale gold-pink sky against the backdrop of bare black trees and snow...Thanks again Kristin, I always enjoy your writing and photos.

Patty bolgiano said...

It is cold here in Baltimore. We are expecting something weather wise Thursday through Friday. (ice pellets, snow who knows...) For me driving into work on these cold morning is kind of special. I get to see the sun rise and there are mornings when it is truly beautiful. This morning, reds, yellow golds and purple blues. There are colors, they just hide themselves from time to time.

We too have a fireplace. Except we have wood delivered (no hunting for wood) and have a special fireplace that heats the entire house.


Ellen said...

I so enjoyed your pictures today. What a rich blue the sky is. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are enjoying a beautiful blue day, warm I am sure, by your standards. Nothing beats that wood heat, though it takes work to start it and keep it going all day long. Thanks for the lovely post.

Soren said...

i *completely* agree about the colors. (I live in Northampton.) it totally depresses me. But I love your picture of the moss. I've been knitting fair isle mittens and wearing a pink coat to have some color.

kate said...

Lovely blog today. I live here in N. California and I LOVE GRAY days, foggy days, rainy days- I absolutely ADORE them- and we get so few. Right now we are in dire need of rain. Have had LOTS of bright sunny days- in the 60s now. We have such a long, long, bright hot summer- I guess that is why I like the few gray days we have. Stay warm and knit with your brights!