Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Finally, spring is in the air in western Massachusetts. We've still got piles of snow on the north side of our house but the daffodils are beginning to pop their little tips through the soil.

I embroidered these Chinese slippers for the first issue of Adorn Magazine and to me they speak spring! Bright colors, cotton fabric, and carefree summer days are sure to come.

I just found a terrific embroidery blog that I want to share. It's called the Flickr Embroidery Blog. Check it out - there are some wonderful informational posts and it is linked to a Flickr Embroidery site that has been going for a year with over 500 members. I knew there were embroiderers out there somewhere! I'm really excited to look through all their work. But this dial-up connection certainly does make work of it. Maybe at the library this afternoon?


kate said...

Thanks, Kristin- nice embroidery blog- I love it- full of ideas. Good work on the shoes....looking very "springy!"

Cynthia said...

Those shoes are adorable!

Francie said...

Beautiful slippers. You make it look so easy. I recently tried to embroider my daugher's initial on a sweater I had finished knitting her, and after about 17 times I gave up. Guess I need some practice first....thanks for the embroidery blog link.

Marit in Norway said...

Lovely slippers- I would never have even thought about embroidering on them!!! And quite some contrast to the pair pictured in yesterdays writing...Have a happy Easter!