Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Surprises

You've probably heard that the weather in New England is unpredictable. This is not an April Fool's joke. Look what we woke up to! It certainly looks beautiful, doesn't it? And we know it won't last for very long.

After all the gloom and doom on this hear old farm blog the past week, it's time for a little cheering up. We've had six new lambs born this week. These adorable sleeping twins were actually from a set of triplets but one didn't make it. The Farmer says it is for the better. The mom wouldn't have had enough milk for three.

This bright-eyed little lamb was born this morning to a yearling ewe (that means the mom was last year's lamb). We'll probably have a few more lambs this spring since the yearlings will be lambing.

As for the laurel fiasco from the beginning of the week, only one ewe died after all. We are counting ourselves lucky - it could have been much worse. One kind reader let me know that she grew up in Canada calling laurel Lamb's Kill and she never knew why. Isn't it amazing what you can learn reading blogs?


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Ubber cute!!! :)

Lacelibrarian said...

Their ears! That pink is just wonderful. My son (city boy, aged 19) was shepherd for our friend Susan this year as she was out of town at some show. Anyway every night when he came home he had a few more lambs and was he proud. Almost as if he had made those babies!
How many inches was that?

Lacelibrarian said...

I meant inches of snow!

Baa Bonny Belle said...

So sweet, those little lambs. They make my heart go pitter-patter. Ahhh!

Peggy said...

Those are soooo sweet. I began knitting your "Dobson's Boat Yard" V-Neck Pullover that is out of your "Knitting the New Classics" today. Such beautiful, beautiful sweaters. I will have to have several. That is how I found your blog and happy I did!!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

It is such a relief that only one of the sheep died from the laurel. Interestingly, there is a vineyard from Virginia who named one of their wines Sweet Mountain Laurel.

Emily said...

I'm sure it is hard running a working farm and caring for all those sheep, but it certainly looks beautiful! I feel a twinge of jealousy every time I see pictures of your farm!

Jan-Knit said...

I'm thankful your loss was minimal. The new lambs are so wonderfu... it's truly spring!