Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bucolic Scenes via It's a Purl Man

The interview I did with Guido Stein of It's a Purl Man is up. When you get a chance, take a listen. Guido is such a fun guy with a witty sense of humour - I enjoyed talking with him. Too bad I kept turning away from the microphone - sorry, I fade in and out a bit. Guess I'm not used to such things. The interview got slightly cut off in the beginning. He asked me a question about where we live and what the word bucolic means. The interview starts out with my answer.

Here's the link to find the interview: Brightly Colored - Kristin and Julia's interview with Guido of It's a Purl Man.
Here's the link for the download.

This is what I consider a "bucolic scene" from our farm. These pretty flowers were blooming in the beginning of June. Knit and enjoy the listen. Julia is even interviewed at the very end.

Thanks so much Guido.


marit said...

Thank you, Kristin! It was so much fun listening to you and your daughter being interviewed by Guido. I really enjoy reading your blog too! Have a nice day.

Meg McElwee said...

I'm going to have a listen right now! Also, I thought you might enjoy a post where I did a little plug for Colorful Stitchery. (There are a few, actually!) On my blog, click on "sensorial" under "Materials by Area" and scroll down ... you'll see a miniature tea cozy inspired by you!

Also, when I switched over to Blogger beta, I could no longer post to the stitch along. I would love it if you could sign me up again!

Penny said...

I'll try to listen to the interview soon. My podcast/email backlog is scary.

I wish I had beautiful views like your "bucolic scene" ... Thank you for sharing and letting us enjoy it vicariously.

susan b anderson said...

What a great interview! I could hear you just fine. By the way, I don't think your color combinations are hard to sell at all. I love them. I linked to your interview and blog in a recent post on my blog. I hope some new people come your way. Have a great Sunday.