Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Everything grows up and moves on. Sometimes it is heart-breaking to watch it happen even though there is so much joy in it too. Julia has just a few more days of school left and then she will be moving on to the third grade next fall. I think she is ready and looking forward to it.

She’s had one of her first life lessons this past weekend. The first kitten, “Mr. Charlotte” has gone to his new home in NJ. There was a week of tears and still more flowing when his name is mentioned. My sister Laurie says this is why families don’t get involved with having litters of dogs and cats – because it is just too hard for the kids. It’s also why we have nine adult cats. (Yes, I know - out of hand - thank goodness they spend the majority of their time outdoors.) We just couldn’t bear parting with any of the past litter's funny personalities. But this time I drew the line and they are all leaving. We have homes for two of them that will love them dearly. I'm working on the last home and have two good leads.

After Mr. Charlotte left, his mom Lily Pons looked for him for a couple days but she seems to be over it. I don't think I will be so nonchalant when Julia leaves home. Thank goodness it is still years away but the time certainly does fly. I've been cleaning out some closets - a chore I absolutely abhore - and found bags of baby clothes. Off to the Salvation Army they went - hopefully to find a good home who needs them too.


Lisa W said...

Looks like the kittens are growing. They are so sweet. If we lived closer I'd feel awfully tempted. I am also in the process of purging cupboards and closets. What a chore, but it feels so good when it is done.

Willow said...

We're moving to another county so I'm in the throwing out, flinging process too.

The kittens are darling! That's why I don't have any animals. I want them ALL and I just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

I just want to lean over and SMELL those kitties as there is nothing like the smell of a baby kittie ... except that of a fresh human baby of course! Having adopting ferals and strays all my life I have to temper my adoptive heart and spay and neuter as many as I can afford to but darn it ..... still more show up in my path. Glad you are finding new homes for them if that's what you HAD to do :::chuckle::: My Mom always told me that "when YOU have a home you can have all of the cats you want..." and I do!
Hugs Ruth

ellen said...

Sweet kitties and so hard to say goodbye. We just lost one of our cats. He was a stray, quite shy and reluctant for some time, but he did become attached to us. He had such a wonderful personality. I miss our Cyril.