Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Black Sunflowers

It's just beginning to become sunflower season here on our farm. The Farmer has been endlessly toiling in his field since June. I haven't written about the progress this year but let me just say, it is arduous. He plows and tills the field (or finds someone with the proper equipment to do it for him). Then he handplants each and every seed. In the past he tried a semi-mechanical seeder but it didn't work out because of the variety of seed sizes. And then there is the weeding which is a never ending job as any gardener knows.

Finally we've got some blooms happening. These are Moulin Rouge Sunflower - an incredibly dark sunflower which blooms in 65 to 80 days. The first blooms are sneaking out over the top of the row.

Black or blackish flowers are all the rage now. Last year, MS Living featured a beautiful spread on very dark flowers. Perhaps you saw it. The latest Domino Magazine did a feature on black flowers this month. I guess we're right on target with our gardening trend not that we try. I order a large variety of different kinds of sunflowers and enjoy them all.

Photographing these dark sunflowers is difficult but here are two shots that didn't turn out bad. The black sunflowers look gorgeous against the blue sky.

Here the same bouquet is set against a mossy green shed and the light was hitting them just right.

Sunflowers can't help but make anyone smile.


Penny said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. I had no idea they were "all the rage" (I live in a concrete-locked nyc apartment so I live vicariously through others flowers) WOW. Thank you for nice eye candy on a very grey morning.

Mama Urchin said...

I love sunflowers. We haven't planted them in a few years. I need to make sure I order some seeds this winter. I love those chocolate-y ones.

Marcy said...

Hee! I passed a small patch of sunflowers in Hadley a couple of days ago and thought of you and yours. And now here you are! What beautiful blooms.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Those sunflowers are just beautiful. I love sunflowers. I passed a field on my way to where I grew up. It appears they did the mechanical thing. But ALL the crops around here are pretty pitiful. We haven't had rain for so long everything is drying up.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Wish I had enough sunflowers blooming that I felt I could spare some for a bouquet. I love both sunflowers and cosmos - simple flowers, but they do make us smile!
I love it when the chickadees make the sunflowers dance, as they pick the ripened seeds from the heads!

Mia said...

I love the colors of your sunflowers. I am planning on planting more varieties next year. The darker colors are different.

Sara said...

I planted a few of those in years past and they are such a surprise amidst all that yellow and gold.
This year my big thrill was that my (now) three year old black irises FINALLY bloomed. thay were gorgeous with fabulously ruffled beards. Yay!

bob y said...

Very nice looking sunflowers. I thought sunflowers were only yellow!

Anonymous said...

I've been blown away by the chocolate/black/red sunflowers in my garden this year. Photos can't really do them justice, but I do appreciate your efforts. My sunflower patch in Bernardston is just exploding right now!
Happy farming!