Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mainely Color

Mainely color, mainely Maine, mainely schmainely - it's all good and inspiring. From the notes I have gotten from you all, it sounds like so many of you have had the same delicious experience of visiting an island in Maine. I think it's not really about what island - it's about the ferry and the divorce from the mainland that makes a vacation on a Maine island just so special. It really does let you forget about deadlines and everything that needs to be done that isn't getting done.

Here are some beautiful shots that I find so inspiring for working with color.

I love the colors in the old truck outside my friend's home. The rusty fenders, the teal paint - it just settles into the Maine landscape so harmoniously.

The maple trees outside the back door and all over the island were dropping these wacky looking leaves. They probably had some kind of blight but to me it was a design of some kind waiting to happen.

I didn't know what these funny looking birds were. I have never seen them in such abundance. They are cormorants and boy can they dive and catch the fish. They also take a great photo and their dark black color looks lovely against rocks and the blue sea.

Seaweed, teal ocean, rocks, evergreen trees and blue sky - what a study in blues and green.

The tide was coming into these rocks and pooling around - the charcoal color was glistening.

We went on a misguided adventure looking for an old quarry. We never found it but the moss and lichen growing on the rocks was amazing.

I love the wild roses found all over the island. I've tried to grow them here but they never quite succeed.

I spent most of my free time working on a granny square afghan. Here's the fruits of my labors.

The yarn is Julia, of course. I grabbed a size G crochet hook on the way out the door and just started. Totally mindless and fun hours spent mixing the colors together. I'll write more about it some other day.


Janet said...

I am a great fan of granny squares. I look forward to seeing how your squares are assembled.

Lisa W said...

I also love wild roses. The look and the smell of them reminds me of childhood visits to my grandmother's house on Cape Breton Island. By the way, I love the seaweed plates from your previous post. They would look great in my newly painted diningroom:) Have you ever thought about a seaweed motif for one of your cushions?