Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Sunflower Hat

There's a new book out called Folk Style from Interweave Press by Mags Kandis of Mission Falls fame. I've known Mags professionally for about ten years. I met her in Canada at a big "Stitches" type show - can't remember the name of that show now. I taught a class and she was in it. She was delightful but definitely over-qualified for my class.

While I was on my "child sabbatical" Mags started Mission Falls. I watched from the sidelines and admired the things she was doing. I even used her 1824 Cotton in Knitting for Baby. Lovely yarn, that textured cotton.

Fast forward to last year and Mags was editing Folk Style. She asked if I would contribute something and I said yes. The due date came and went. I was in over my head with a million things, not including the sunflowers I had to cut and pick and stock our little stand with. I couldn't let her down and so I did what I could think of at that moment -- I knit a sunflower hat. I was really happy with the hat I made and sent it off just in time. The shape of the hat was inspired by some ethnic costume books in my library that I often reach for when I need a jumping off point for a project. The shape looks great on lots of different shape faces.

I was thrilled when I received my copy of Folk Style last week. It is a lovely collection of projects in beautiful colors. It's quite creative - I'm happy that people are starting to think beyond the knitting box. There's quite a bit of embroidery and felting.

I was also delighted with the photos of my sunflower hat. There are four of them (that's what happens when your project is rather easy and they don't need to use a lot of type). The model is Pam Allen's lovely daughter Caitlin who makes the hat look so cute. You can probably make this hat in a couple nights - definitely a possibility for holiday gifts. Great job Mags!


maymomvt (or Sarah!) said...

I NEED to make this hat! My husband is going to be very busy this weekend with a chainsaw class. Maybe we'll come see the sunflowers.

Bonnie said...

Is that the wrong date?


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Your sunflowers are gorgeous. I have never had that kind of success growing sunflowers. I don't know why. I really love the adorable hat. I want it.

Lisa W said...

Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

SInce I just returned to school full time after a few decades, I am excited that this is a fast project - and I love sunflowers!


Julie G said...

Gorgeous hat! Did I also spy some of your work in the Peruvian Connection holiday catalog, specifically the pillows and the Anatolian jacket? Those items looked like your style of colorwork.

Mama Urchin said...

Oooh, I love that hat.

anmiryam said...

Adorable hat -- I perused the book while on vacation and liked it very much.

Wish the sunflowers weren't so far away!