Friday, October 19, 2007

Boston - quickly

Great trip and talk with the Greater Boston Knitting Guild in Boston. Walking down Commonwealth Ave and Newbury Street reminded me of all the time The Farmer and I used to spend in the city when my sister Nancy lived on Boylston Street above the Pour House. The city is a bit more fancy than it was back then. What I love best about Boston is the old buildings, winding cattle paths that became roads, and sense of history. There is so much to do and never enough time.

The shopping is very good. Saw lots of sweater inspiration at
Anthropologie and Oilily. I stayed at a B&B which is owned by The College Club one block off Boston Common. This must be the best kept secret in town – reasonable rates and lovely building with ceilings that are probably at least 3 times the height of mine. The rooms are all being redone by Boston decorators.

Great group to speak with and teach although there were so many people that it was hard to get to everyone. I think everyone left with a good feeling.
Thank you Boston Knitting Guild for inviting me!

Off to Rhinebeck – if you are there on Sunday, please stop by and say hi. I’ll be in the “author tent.”

(FYI, Anthropologie is doing a great campaign now called Stitch. If you are a knitter or a stitcher, it is worth a look for design inspiration. Most of the clothes have handwork somewhere on them. Although they are all made in some foreign country by underpaid workers, the creative direction the chain presents is fun to look at. Someone there must be into knitting and handcrafts. Their parent company is Urban Outfitters, another fun store that I should have outgrown by now but I guess I'm still wishing I was a college kid.)


Willow said...

I'm still on a first name basis with Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters thanks to my 21 yo dd. Not that we buy anything due to $$$$ but both stores are a great source of inspiration.
And I'm pleased that you liked my aran sweater. The back is 1/4 done.

Lindsey said...

It was great meeting you today at Rhinbeck! I love your designs! The way you describe Boston makes it sound so great. Commuting into Downtown everyday makes you forget what a great city it is. I love your artwork!! It's nice to find another painter/ knitter!!

Holly Woods said...

Good Morning Kristen,
I am playing the waiting game. prizes, well cards.
Yours is the first blog I ever visited.
It would mean so much if you would drop and add something to the picnic basket.
Love supporting anything vintage or handmade!