Friday, October 26, 2007

The Weekly Book Update

Just off the phone with Storey (my publisher) for my end of the week book update. Honestly, they must be sick of getting my calls, don't you think? Good news is the boat arrived from China and the books are on a truck on their way to the warehouse in Wisconsin. Sounds like I should have them within two weeks if all goes well.

If you are waiting for a book from me, please be patient. You can imagine, I am doing all the worrying for you! I'll be a mighty busy camper when they do come in wrapping and packing and shipping them. I was thinking about this last night - I'm so desperate to get these things to ship to you. Then they will arrive and it will just be normal life and the book will be no big deal.... Kind of like lusting after a new skirt in a catalog, ordering it receiving it, and the excitement is over.

I really appreciate your patience and thank you so much for ordering from me!


Anonymous said...


Stop worrying!! Although I m anxious to get my copy, the anticipation is exciting. By the way I love our blog, and all your art and designs. My friends tease me because Ican recongnize your things without reading the byline. I think it is so wonderful how your surroundings inspire you. I have a vacation home in Key West, FL and wish I had the confidence to recolor some of your designs to reflect the colors that surround me when I am there. I love the colors of the sea, and beach as well as the tropical flora. I just never can get the color combos correct. Oh well I'll keep trying!!


Kristin said...

Never fear! Your book is on my mind, but I can wait a bit longer. It'll come just in time for my birthday and this year I can really use a boost on my birthday! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Lee said...

I'll add to the chorus of "never minds." Whenever your book arrives it will be exciting and that is something to anticipate. I have enjoyed my forays into stitching with your earlier book and know that the knitting will be fun, too.