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Monday, November 12, 2007

And so they go

At first there were 5 red striped kittens

And then there were 4 red striped kittens

Next there were 3 red striped kittens

And then there were 2 red striped kittens

Now there is one red striped kitten. His name is Otto and we think he will be living here.

Kitten No. 1 went to live in Easthampton with Deanna, a knitter and a spinner and his name is Charlie.
Kittens No. 2 and 3 are living in town and are named Mel and Nacho with a lovely family.
Here is Kitten No. 4 with his new mom Alice from Brookline who has named him Be-Bop. Knitters make such good kitten mama's.


Gudrun Johnston said...

These are the cutest kitten pictures!!
My kids (who were looking over my shoulder when I was viewing this post) were happy to see that they all went to good homes! Big cat lovers here!

Willow said...

What cute kitten photos! You can see how they grew. Lucky, lucky Otto, to get to stay home on the farm with Mama Cat.

Brigitte said...

Hi Otto! Just wondering how your name sounds in your ears... Exotic? Extraordinary? Oh it's sure a special name for a lovely beautiful kitten! Had to smile though as here in Austria Otto is a rather oldfashioned German name...

Julie said...

Oh -- so sweet! I have a big orange cat of my own, so I've been enjoying these kitten photos. Glad you found wonderful homes for them!

Sara said...

Oh I've met Alice and I bet she and Be-Bop will have a grand time together.

Hope you're enjoying as much color as you can!
Thinking of ya

Felicia said...

Oh lovely kitties you are so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Great shot of Alice. We should figure out how to frame this.

As an update for the older step-siblings - Simba Siena was neutered yesterday.

A true sign of kitty maturity. He celebrated by knocking over the jade plant.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! And I'm so proud to be Bebop's aunt.


Calling on Kahlo said...

What a great post with cute photos and a happy ending.

maryse said...

oh man, i love kittens.

Gretchen said...

We have two cats, a dog, a parrot, two tanks of fish. . . now I need kittens.
Lovely photos.

monica said...

Oh I'm glad the kittens went to good homes but I'll miss seeing them on your blog. r

Katie said...

oh, these cats are so sweet. i am glad you are keeping one!

Marcy said...

Awwwwwwww. I used to have a marmalade cat named Beeper. She had the best purr in the world.

Anonymous said...

The "knitters make good kitten mama's" part is so true!
I even wrote a little poem about cat and skeins ;-D
Just visit here
http://fr.blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-atTm4JQwfKixcKgshi1VoQ59?p=2614#comments so you may read it.

KSee said...

What great pictures. I'm new here and will sure be leaving more comments. Your entries are very entertaining.