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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So sad to hear.....

Today I heard some very sad news. Noone died or was diagnosed with a terrible illness. It’s probably a little silly of me to be so sad about it but I am. That big old publishing giant Conde Nast has pulled the plug on one of my favorite shelter magazines House and Garden. I’ve been reading and subscribing to H & G since it came back to life in the 1990’s. Every month, I look forward to the houses and products the editors collect to inspire me with my home decorating, cooking, and life. I have loved the wonderful places the magazine has taken me – to homes I would never be invited to visit and to homes in countries too far away to travel to.

The most recent editor Dominique Browning, also an author of some of lovely books about gardening and homes, always strikes a chord for me in her editor’s letters. Several years back when I was still employed by the yarn company, her Letter from the Editor was about how she was learning to knit. I could tell, she was becoming obsessed about knitting and that it was filling a creative void in her life. Being a tastemaker and trendsetter, she must have felt something was in the air and groped for some needles and yarns. This was fuel for knitting obsessed fire that was soon to follow in the mainstream national press. I wrote her a little note, thanking her for the exposure she was giving knitting.

Then a few of years later, an assistant editor from House and Garden called me about a knitting feature they were planning on running in a future magazine. They wanted to produce a story of beautiful handknit products especially for the home. I had sent them a press release about my home (which had handknit pillows on the sofas and chairs) when Knitting for Baby was released. Lo and behold, someone had read the press release and kept it. They wanted to feature my knitted pillows in the magazine. “You do have kits for them, don’t you?” “Oh, yes, I replied.” I was beside myself with delight.

But then reality struck. I had made the knitted pillows for myself. I hadn’t written any diretions for them. I had made them out of of my stash of yarn. Luckily, I was in the final stages of the Julia yarn development and yarn would be soon arriving at the new distributor’s. I quickly wrote up the pattern for the pillows. My friend Lori proofed and tweaked them. I washed the pillows and freshened them. You can imagine how much effort this took after being in our animal packed house on the cozy couches for years! I packed them up in a box, included some pretty wooden knitting needles and some odd balls of yarn. I ran to Fedex and they were off. I kept my fingers crossed that it would happen.

And it did. In the January 2003 issue of House and Garden, there they were! It was so exciting for me to be featured in one of my very favorite shelter mags. You can still buy the pillow patterns that were featured in that H & G on my website. There’s an automatic download.

They’re taking the H & G website down in December. Before that, you might like to read some of Dominique’s Letters from the Editors that are here. For the past umpteen years, it is the first page I turn to in her magazine. I hope all the people at H & G turn up somewhere else and find future success. And one never knows, we may see the magazine again in a few years when the demographics make it seem right and money isn’t quite so tight. I just looked at my subscription renewal and I’m all paid up until 2010. I wonder what Conde Nast will be sending me now.


Anonymous said...

How sad! When I was working on ships and dreaming of a home, H&G was the shelter mag I subscribed to and read from cover to cover every month. I still have folders of ideas from those days.

Lee in Iowa

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. When Victoria magazine sent me a postcard a few years back saying they would no longer be publishing the magazine I felt like someone in my family had died. I know it feels weird to be so attached to a magazine but some of them have helped me through some really tough times.

ellen said...

I have felt the same way about a few beloved magazines...my old 70's American Home Crafts especially.
I just read all of Dominique's Letters. What a wonderful writer she is. I was touched by all of them. Thanks for steering me that way. Now I regret never having claimed that magazine!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when they stopped publishing Victoria magazine. But they just started publishing again after years. So perhaps your magazine will start up again someday.

in Colorado

Marilyn said...

Oh. My. God. What ARE they thinking? How terribly sad. My late mother-in-law got me hooked on H&G. She had a subscription for years and it's always been a wonderful magazine, great ideas, terrific pictures. I always loved their articles on antiques, too, being a collector. Sigh. Well, clearly they must be losing money on it. I can't imagine why.

Mardel said...

Oh my goodness, how sad. It IS almost as if someone had died. H&G is the one magazine I have consistently looked forward to for many many years. Even when life gets too hectic and I can't keep up they are saved and treasured for those stolen moments. I remember the pillows. There was always something to inspire.

Gretchen said...

H&G is the ONLY domestic mag I would ever bother to read. Wouldn't you know it, the best go and the mediocrities remain.

Lynn said...

That IS a shame. I've always appreciated her Letters from the Editor as well, and I think the first issue of their redesign (12 years ago?) is still on my bookshelf. I had fallen in love with a Manuel Canovas fabric add and I couldn't let it go. I can't believe I remember that....

Anonymous said...

I remember that issue and seeing your beautiful pillows!