Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kristin Knits Knitalong, Flickr Pool, & Ravelry

About ten days ago, I wrote this post to find out what you all thought I should do about getting my book more visible on the web. I was overwhelmed with all the good ideas you had. Everyone had their own opinion about what would work best for me - some overlapped. In the end, I did everything you all wanted so there will be places for all kinds of cyberknitters to post projects from the book.

First up - A brand new Kristin Knits Knitalong! hosted on Blogger. With the help and technical expertise of my new friend Helen, here's the link. If you like to participate in Knitalongs, this is the place for you. Helen will be adminstering it and I'll be poking in to look around daily. There's a button you can take too (although for the life of me, I can't get it to appear on my sidebar). Thanks so much Helen.

Secondly - A photo group on Flickr titled "Inspired by Kristin Nicholas." I've put two lonely photos up there but please, add as many as you want. These projects can be projects you have made from my book, from designs I have had in magazines, whatever! And if you already have pictures on Flickr that would relate, please add them here.

Thirdly - There is a group on Ravelry moderated by my friend Diane. It's called Kristin Knits and there are all kinds of projects popping up over there. But as you know, unless you're a member, Ravelry isn't open to everyone just yet, only members.

I'm really excited about all of these new knitting sites. I can't wait to see what you make and create. It's amazing how passionate all the knitters are out there and I feel so fortunate to be included in a growing community. I'll keep on trying to inspire with my designs and knitting.

And if you haven't figured out how to do any of this yet, just email me a photo with your project and the name you want it posted under and I'll add it to both the Knitalong and the Flickr pool!


kicki said...

I really enjoy reading your blog (and it's got pictures of lambs! :)
but I haven't bought your book.

The reason is that I can't look inside it at the diferent designs and see if there's patterns I like, patterns that are easy to follow, and /or inspiration for my own designs.

I mainly buy books off Amazon, and there are so many knitting books, that I simply don't buy books unseen - a lot of times the reviews and info seems enticing, but then the actual book is disappointing.

For amazon (.com and .co.uk), the publisher can add pictures of the contents. You can choose which pages to publish, which is great - show pictures of the designs, without giving away the patterns.

At least for me, that would be great marketing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin, you rock! What a lot of new fun additions to your web presence. The puzzle is a fun idea, and good practice for me learning to use a track pad.

Keep it up!

Natalie said...

I'll add your KAL to the KAL's website (http://knitalongs.xaviermusketeer.com)!

Patricia said...

count me in, and by the way EVENTUALLY, I will update my blog, and send a picture of a sweater that was in part inspired by an old Classic Elite yarn, Tapestry. (Loved that yarn, but couldn't afford it back then) I only had little bits of Tapestry and couldn't do a whole sweater.