Tuesday, February 12, 2008

White, Black and Gray

We're in the midst of some very cold weather with more snow predicted for this evening and tomorrow. Sunday it was just other worldly on our hill. We had a fresh couple of inches of snow and in the morning, it was so foggy and eerie, you could barely see the trees across the field. It was like something out of the movies.

Our poor Border Collies Phoebe and Ness are getting tired of not doing any official work. We can't take them to the sheep because it would be mass chaos - mama ewes stamping their feet, baby lambs trying to run and escape these creatures they have never seen before.

The dogs take their herding heritage seriously. The only thing they have had to herd since December are the chickens and guinea hens. There is a path deep in the snow where they circle around the pen when it is feeding time.

A couple days ago, three of the guinea fowl escaped. I have been trying in earnest to recapture them but they just don't want to be enclosed any more. They are definitely ready for spring. They have been sleeping high up in a maple tree. I leave the pen open all afternoon hoping they will return to their roost. Last night I thought I had success. But no, this morning, they're still out. At least it gives Phoebe and Ness something to think about and look after. They can't catch them but now they are busy.

They have given me a chance to capture some nice photos of them against the gray and clouded skies and with our snow covered hill behind. I truly love these noisy, wild and wacky looking birds.


Pamie G. said...
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Pamie G. said...

Sorry about the deletions, I dislitke it when I misspell words!

I just love your blog -- the guinea fowls photos are beautiful. I would love to live on a farm but the city boy I am married to would not be able to take it or even agree :) Thank you for allowing the world to live thru your eyes! God Bless! Pamie G.

mary said...

I've been a lurker on your beautiful blog for sometime but the guinea hens made me comment.

I raised all variety of poultry for many years. Alas, no longer but I do miss them, all except the guinea hens. They were always in some kind of trouble. And talk about noisy!

Hum, they were good eating though :)

Kathleen C. said...

Ooo... that first photo of the hens against the bleak featureless snow... it looks prehistoric! So very cool.
And border collies *are* serious about herding, aren't they. BIL's family has a dog that's only a little bit part border collie and it still tries to herd the family whenever it can. (drives the family crazy!)
At the local fiber fest they have border collie trials... this year was my first time watching... fascinating! What amazing dogs!

Gudrun Johnston said...

I too visit your blog often and enjoy all your wonderful farming, and lately, wintery pictures. As a recent resident of Western Mass it's nostalgic for me to see all those images..and a little bizarre as I now live in Central California where today it will be in the high 60's ..I'm feeling a little seasonally confused!...doesn't help that I'm also originally from Scotland where winters are typically rainy and 'dreich'!
Anyway...thanks for your regular blog postings...I love stopping by!

Dianne said...

I raised some guinea chicks a few years ago and loved to hear their clackety-clackety noise, but, alas, my corgis did not. They were obsessed with rounding those birds up all the time. I finally had to find new homes for the birds

jordiw said...

The hens do look like a prehistoric creature got stuck in the snow! New York is getting the snow too right now but it will probably be gone by tomorrow. I am enjoying your blog as I put my own toes slowly into the blogging water..

Emily said...

Beautiful! And quite timely, as I have been reading Kristin Knits and just tonight re-read your bits about not using black and white! Only in nature, not in knitting! I agree, although I do enjoy b&w sometimes, mostly it's to set off color. Your blog is such a pleasure; thank you.

Felicia said...

That guinea fowl picture is beautiful. Hope the dogs can help you get them rounded up :)

Lynn said...

There are guinea hens loose in the neighborhood by our old church, where LittleBit attends early morning seminary. It is so startling to have them start jumping down from the trees, right before the kids get out.

BullyMom said...

I have found that if I leave a light on in the hen house in the afternoon with the door open our guineas go in to eat, drink and sleep with our hens. If I see them go in, I run out and shut them in.

Also, I keep the dogs in when I know the guineas will be looking to go inside.

Do you ever sell keets or fertile eggs?