Saturday, March 15, 2008

Late Winter Walk

Winter is beginning to lose its grip on the land around here. The snow is beginning to melt and the streams are rushing along full of the most beautiful clear water.

Here's a little visual diary of nature along our road today.

The snow is melting in this swampy area but before it all goes away it has formed some lovely white pillowing mounds.

My favorite beech trees are still hanging onto their leaves. Here they are making a lovely pattern on the snow in the woods.

There's still barely a bit of color outside except for the sumac plumes. They are clinging to their redness and look faded but colorful against the clear blue sky.

My dogs Phoebe and Ness are my constant companions on my walks. They would love to walk for miles. At least we are getting out a bit now. The biting cold has subsided and I'm starting to crave being outside again. We are all lookng forward to the things that come along with spring and summer.


Mama Urchin said...

With those muddy paws they must be in heaven.

Monika said...

Wonderful pictures! I have two white dogs, and they are all dirty after their walks. I don't like this time, because of the mud, but as you said, I get the urge to be outside too.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful Photo's.

Willow said...

The dogs look like they have had a great time. The Professor said of our children, The dirtier the child, the better the time that was had. It holds true for canines, too.

Janet said...

Those photos make me so homesick for New England.