Friday, March 21, 2008

More Cats at Work

I always wanted a calico cat. Every time I looked for a cat, I was secretly looking for a calico cat. Our cats have always come from friends or acquaintances looking to place kittens (except for Boo-Boo-Boo who is a post in himself). My quest for a calico went unanswered for years. We adopted different cats but never a calico. That is until Lily Pons came into our lives.

When we moved to our farmhouse, we had room for more kitties and so I kept looking for a calico. Not very hard, mind you, but always keeping my eye out. One day, The Farmer came home to tell me about a litter of kittens he had seen up the road. He was smitten with the kittens. We weren't in the market for any more kitties but we went up to look at the litter anyway. The momma cat was a lovely calico and she had two calico kittens in her litter. They were spoken for though. That was okay. But then we got a phone call a few months later that the woman's daughter couldn't get up from the south to pick up her kitten. Would we like the now almost full-grown kitten named Lily Pons? Oh yes, please. We will be right up.

Julia, The Farmer and I hopped in the truck and went to meet Lily Pons. She had long hair and came with quite a name. Marilyn, Lily Pons' former owner had named her after a famous opera singer because the kitten was so vocal. We took her home and she lived up to her name - always letting us know when something is amiss.

Lily Pons is one feisty, independent cat. She is our least present cat - disappearing for weeks at a time. Her heritage is that of country farm cats. Everytime I think she isn't going to return, she does, thank goodness. She is also the mother of most of our other cats. When she does come back, she sleeps hard and long and then ventures off again. We love her independent spirit and spunk.

She had her first litter of kittens 3 years ago. Here is Ginger, her delicate and sweet tortoiseshell cat. Ginger is small and petite and has just recently turned into a people loving sweetheart. At night, she and Charlie fight for the spot next to me to watch the yarn move through my needles. Here she laying on top of a handknit hat - you can see it peeking out on the right side. It kills me how all the cats will find the softest piece of knitwear available on a flat surface and use it as a pillow.

Our long haired red tabby Cookie is Ginger's brother. Julia named him. His name is quite hilarious considering he is one tough cat. I always think of him as a great big football player with a sweet name. Here he is uncharacteristically sleeping one afternoon with Sebastian.

This is Otto, Lily Pons' kitten from her last litter of five red cats. He has grown to be quite a beautiful strong muscular cat. He stalks the outdoors and is quite the hunter. And he has remained a sweet thing loving to be held and cuddled.

I'll end this cat post with the sweetest little photo of Ginger and Vera sleeping amongst my work this week. Boy, it's dangerous to get up from your seat around here. It is quickly assumed by some feline.


Deborah said...

I too, love calico cats. I have 2 of them; not related. Both came from local animal shelters after being found in bad circumstances. One is a muted calico and she looks like a typical tabby. The other is long haired, however, they are both crazy! They too love all things knitted and soft. I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are as lovely as my own. Thanks for the pictures. (Yes, mine like to sit on unattended knitting projects too).
/s/ Gretchen

Agnes said...

It's almost impossible to describe how much I enjoy reading these posts and pictures of your gorgeous cats! They are all so unique and lovely. Thank you very much for sharing.

KSee said...

Thank you for sharing. Your furry family is beautiful.

Kathie said...

I have a calico too who is also quite vocal. I *love* sleeping cats - they always look so soft and so very comfortable - after 15 years I'm still calling the boys in to see some sleeping pose they're in. Thanks for these last couple of cat posts!

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

Your cats are so beautiful. I have been hunting and hunting for the right kitten, but haven't found it yet.

southern gal said...

Irony - my cat Cordelia had her second litter Sunday the 9th. We are almost two weeks old and growing fast!

Three kittens and two fetueses(feti?) were born and she was great - more at my blog.

Don't know if i am going to keep them or which - i live in a small railroad apt granted with a backyard and in a small village but not sure five cats ! oi vey

i will have to see as they grow.

but they are darned cute and TWO of them are ALL BLACK - they may be the hardest to give up although the gray tabby is cute too (and the biggest kitten i have ever seen born - it was ready to be born - it must have kicked off the contractions cause the two blacks are a bit less developed but fine.

anyway a note - the link to the litter tries to go to blogger and edit a post so nothing happens. just fyi.

Lisa said...

Lily is lovely. My calico, Feral, is the daughter of a pregnant cat found in on the side of the road, taken in and loved.
Feral on my Flickr.

little red said...

Thank you for sharing the stories of your cats :)

Oh, and hi! I've been enjoying your blog for some time now.