Friday, June 06, 2008

Poem by Julia

Lots of "end of the year" stuff is coming home from Julia's 3rd grade adventures. Here's something so cute, I thought it appropriate to share here on my blog.

Everybody Needs a Cat
by Julia

Everybody needs a cat
Because they are so cute
And fuzzy
And marvelous.
They are playful
And like to be petted.

I can't wait to dig through the other piles of stuff that she has done this year. Off for a "girls lunch out" with my sweet child who I'm going to miss while away at TNNA this coming weekend.


ellen said...

What a sweet poem from such a sweet little girl. I agree with her wholeheartedly!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

Please tell Julia that she's completely correct and thank her for the poem. Pretty kitten, too.

Deborah said...

Enjoy the lunch. Julia wrote such a nice poem!
My own sweet child graduated high school on Wednesday and we're enjoying some time together before he goes to college. I love going through his school drawings, papers, etc. It all happens in the blink of an eye!

Maymomvt said...

What a sweet poem and sweet kittie. I forgot that she's in 3rd grade like Lou.

Penny said...

what a beautiful poem by a most wonderful little girl and about the best animals out there. {hugs} to both mum and julia!

Lisa W said...

Well done Julia! I love cats too.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Julia.... everybody does need a cat. And Kristin, everybody also needs a sweet child to remind us what is really important in life. Since my children are too old (34, 31, and 28) and my grandchildren are still too young to verbalize, I'd like to thank you for sharing.

Barbara M.

Cathy said...

It can be amusing, what the kids bring home at the end of the year. When my son was in 4th grade (now 30) he brought home a paper he had written explaining how he wasn't the only child everyone thought he was...he really had an older brother who had been killed in
WW1. Keep in mind, even his grandparents hadn't been born in time for WW1!

Love seeing all the animals on your farm.


Knitlee said...

Precious! Safe travels.

SNOWBIRD said...

Love Julia's poem. I want to interject that cats give unconditional love too! They can be your best buddies when no one else is around.

jeanne said...

When I read Julia's poem to my two cats, Henry and June, they asked me, "Mom, has Julia met us? Because she has described us purr-fectly!"

Barca Viola said...

I suppose I should just slink away...but I really don't like cats (sorry, I'm sorry). I did, however, really love the poem which has got to be a sign that it is **really** good poetry.

Gerrie in St Paul
PS: my work verification is imrrybdt, which looked like "I am rabid." or rabbit? Maybe that's why I don't like cats?

tut-tut said...

A lovely poem; I agree, too.