Friday, October 24, 2008

Day's End

I'm trying to get across to Julia that life doesn't always have to be exciting - that there are joys in simple things like sunsets and falling leaves. I'm not quite sure anything is sinking in - all this running to the hill to watch the sun set on the sheep.... to watch the light change and the sky turn colors. But she's been pretty patient and a good sport. I keep telling her that winter is coming and it's going to be too cold to do this in a month. That we'll have to stay tucked into the house, near the fire to keep warm. She says she can't wait.

I haven't mastered taking photos at sunset - especially with objects in them. I take a slew of images and then hope something turns out. It never is quite as I remember the scene exactly - the camera takes an image different from what my eyes read. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

Nessie takes sheep herding serious any time of the day or night.

Once we got done watching the sun set on the sheep the other night, I drove up the hill to the abandoned house at the top of the hill. Locals call it "the cottage." I call it the top of the world. If we have an hour, we hike the hill but with the light leaving, my truck was quicker.

The sun sets later at the cottage than at our house down the hill. It was a beautiful evening. I was enjoying watching the colors in the sky change when I heard -

"Mom - what are you doing?"

"Watching the sunset! Isn't it beautiful?"

"Can we go home now."

"Julia, don't you see how pretty the light and the sky are now? Look at it - please!"

"Come on, Mom. Pleeeeeease!"

Seems like a nice way to end the week. Enjoy your weekend. If you are at FiberTwist, be sure to stop by and say hi to us.


Lynn said...

It is indeed very hard to stop and just enjoy the simple pleasures - the gorgeous leaves this fall, the feel of a soft fleece, the frost on the grass.

I'll see at the Twist tomorrow - I'm looking forward to it!

Alexia said...

My dad and mom always commented on the sunsets and took pictures too, and like yours sometimes the pictures just did not capture what the eye saw. I grew up on a small dairy farm in Missouri, I love to look at sunsets now that I am older. So don't give up on showing Julia the sunsets:)

Sherral said...

I love your pictures! And I must say, old abandoned houses make me feel sad. I love to look at them, but they are such a reminder that you can't stop time... if you know what I mean.

MonikaRose said...

G'day, I love your pictures, especially the sunrise sunset with the sheep and the past, just magicall to capture these events forever to remember. I love taking pics myself, anything and everything. Have a great day and enjoy the beauty that nature provides. :) MonikaROse

Joy said...

Love the photos - simply gorgeous!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Wow, your photos are just wonderful. Congratulations. Low-light photos are so difficult to nail!

I guess it's Julia's job to be just as she is? It's easy to think that over here in my quiet house with no kids (or animals, for that matter). I am pretty sure I was like that at her age, though I was very focused on color even before that time.

Thanks for spending the effort to share the colors. Wonderful.

LynnH in Lansing, MI where frost is real this week.

thecrazysheeplady said...

These are some of the nicest sunset pictures I've seen. Not only are the colors perfect, but the added interest of the animals is the icing on the cake!