Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Knitting and Yarn News

Fall is in full swing – in fact some of the maple trees have already lost their leaves here and I missed getting a photo of the beautiful red colors interspersed with the golds, rusts, and olive greens on our hillside. Everyone I know is knitting – some of my friends are knitting for me and my new book that we are shooting in mid-November. The book, as yet untitled, won’t be out until Fall 2009. It is shaping up to be a beautiful collection of colorful projects. I never know if I am working on the right path, I just keep chugging along. And then, projects come in and the book becomes more concrete. Once the photos happen, it becomes more of a reality. There's still lots to do but it is looking good.

Hey Minnesota! The Kristin Knits trunk show is in your neighborhood! Hop on over to Needlework Unlimited and you'll see most of the projects from my latest book. The address is 4420 Drew Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 925-2454
To find out if the trunk show is coming to a store near you, check out the Kristin Knits Trunk Show page here.

I just found out that the first Nashua Handknits e-Newsletter is out. (Thanks to Chris in Chicago!) If you haven't signed up yet, here's the link so you can keep up to date with all the new Nashua products, including my designs. This newsletter features a free download of a cabled pullover I did for Nashua's first Fall season. Check out the newsletter and click the link at the bottom for the free pattern. I have always loved this sweater - the colors really speak fall and the floral embroidery in the center of the cables ties the stripe colors with the main Lady's Mantle chartreuse color of the sweater.
This newsletter is fabulous. It is written by Susan Mills, the Creative Director of Nashua Handknits. It describes her trip to Monhegan Island for a knitting and yoga retreat. There's also a few pictures of our farm from a photo shoot here in March. But the nicest thing is there are alternate swatches for two of the designs I did for the 2008 fall collection (you can find the designs in the Fall 2008 Nashua Handknits Magazine). I know I don't always pick the colors that many knitters like for the photographed sample. Here you can see alternate color combos I chose for these two designs and pick which is best for you. Check it out here! Thanks to the women at Nashua for knitting up the alternate colorways! They look lovely.

Back to work if I can pull myself away from the fall color.

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Maria said...

I was at Needlework Unlimited yesterday and got to see the trunk show. What fun things!!! I need to haul out my Julia stash and make some gifts!!! (Or make cute stuff for myself...)