Friday, October 03, 2008

Moulin Rouge

Wow - it's another weekend already? They sure do roll around quick, don't they? I was really thrilled with all the comments I got about my "cross-crafting" post. It was so interesting to read what everyone had to say. I was astonded that so many of you were interested in so many different kinds of crafts. I'm guessing that is why you read my blog.

I try to keep this thing interesting for everyone but I always wonder what my readers are thinking and most interested in. "Getting Stitched on the Farm" isn't about any one craft nor hobby in particular. Sometimes I feel it is a little bit too much all over the place. But that's this farm - a million different things going on all the time. Lots of irons in the fire makes it all pretty interesting for us if a bit kooky and eccentric.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would spend so much time writing and photographing sunflowers. It has been one of the nicest surprises about this blog - sharing the beauty of these flowers. I thank you for being patient with me. I think there will only be a couple more posts about them this growing season. As you can tell, my enthusiasm for these beautiful flowers is pretty out there. Here we go again, you're probably saying........ Yes, here I do go again!

Out of all the sunflowers we have grown for the past few years, the Moulin Rouge Sunflower is the one that gets the most attention by visitors to the field. They grow quickly to about 6 feet tall and are usually the first variety to bloom. We
purchase the seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine, the company we buy most of our sunflower seeds from.

Most of the Moulin Rouge Sunflowers in the field have been finished blooming for weeks. The birds are feasting on the lovely seed heads. Up here at the little garden shed, I've been enjoying the few Moulin Rouge Sunflowers I planted in July.

Here's the flower as it is just opening early one morning - It is a very dark chocolate brown with hints of wine when it first opens.

As the bloom ages, it turns more maroon.

After a few days, the blossom turns a lighter wine color and the seed head begins to develop. The center becomes rounder and more reddish auburn and the petals grow lighter turning the color of rust.

The plants are nicely branched so you can pick many blossoms although the stems are sometimes short. I pick my sunflowers when the petals are out but there is a very tight center. They last longer in the vase that way and actually keep developing on a windowsill although the seed heads won't form. The blossoms will keep up to a week if they are picked before they are too mature.

Enjoy the lovely fall weather this weekend! I think I should rent the Moulin Rouge movie.....


Kathleen C. said...

I would add a reason for liking your blog...
I (and probably a lot of your readers) share a big love with you... color and texture.
Whatever craft or crafts I do the visual and tactile payback...that's key! And that certainly seems to run true for you.

Agnes said...

What an incredibly gorgeous colour for a sunflower ... which I have only seen in the traditional yellow. I love love love sunflowers ... and cats ... and of course needle crafts ... so your blog is always a pleasure to read.

Joy said...

Gorgeous flowers - I love the progressive shots!

Laura said...

I, for one, will sorely miss your sunflower pictures after the season ends. But I'm really looking forward to seeing what winter looks like in your part of the country.

Heather L. said...

Hi Kristin,
I rarely comment, but I am a faithful subscriber to your blog. So far you've kept me interested. :) I love hearing/seeing about the sheep, your farm/countryside, the sunflowers. I love anything inspiring in the way of knitting, embroidery, etc. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Miriam said...

I definitely enjoy what you bring to your blog. It is interesting to see life around you and your perspective on it. It is a visit with a friend without being face to face.

Jennifer said...

I've really enjoyed the sunflower pics. Thanks so much for sharing them. It makes me feel like I have a beautiful flower garden in my own backyard (I don't). The color on this one is stunning.