Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ice Storm Cometh

Last week, there was a big storm. Lots of rain, slush, sleet and ice. So much water that there is no place for it all to go. We’re okay. We didn’t lose power for long although most of our neighbors still don’t have it. They say it will be several days until power will be restored to many people.

Our farmhouse is lower than where the ice was and still is. The Farmer was able to get to the sheep to feed them although he had to go the long way around the mountain to get to them. When he did get to the sheep, they were really wet but there was no ice at all. They were happy to get some new hay. Thank goodness for those wooly coats.

Julia and I stayed off the road for two days. Can’t remember a time I last did that. When I did venture out on Saturday, I couldn’t believe the Winter Wonderland at the top of our hill. Our farmhouse is rather tucked away down in a hollow a little ways down the hill. The ice storm around here was elevation oriented this storm was. Just up the road it looks like this.

On Saturday afternoon, Julia and I drove further up the hills. The ice and the light were so incredibly beautiful. The trees were covered with thick layers of ice - sparkling like diamonds.

The sun started to get lower in the sky but we kept climbing higher. At a field across town I found these beautiful ice sculptures. I was beside myself. How could a storm that did so much damage to so many trees also create such beautiful sculpture? Wow.

After the sun went down, I stayed out a little longer. I wondered what it all would look like at night. Still pretty in the the headlights of my car. I couldn't help but think of all the wild animals out there, trying to find shelter during the storm. Where do they go to stay safe?

As we all know, nature is bigger than all of us.


Rane said...

Your photos are lovely!
Mother nature is the greatest
of all artist! With a sweep of
her hand an Icy wonderland!

To get the ice off from windows
and open car doors?
2/3 cup:
rubbing Alcohol
then add 2 cups each:
Hot water
and 1/8 cup salt
This is what the cars sales
do to all of those cars in the
parking lots. They dont scrape
them and this will not hurt the
Hope you and your keep warm and
Rane and 4 crazy kids

ellen said...

Such beautiful photos. We have snow today here in Western Oregon. It is so pretty...but not very good on our greenhouses.
A very long time ago we had a huge ice storm when we lived in Georgia. It coated the leaves of the magnolia tree in our front yard. My boys were so little then..but we ran out and pulled the ice off of the magnolia leaves and marveled at the beauty of our ice leaves. We even put some in the freezer to admire them later on.

Kathleen C. said...

My Grandmother in Worcester just got power back a couple days ago. She's one of the lucky ones.
Living in Virginia now Winter storms are infrequent (though not unknown), but years of upper NY State and northern Ohio taught me the magnificent beauty and great terror that is an ice storm.
Glad you guys made it through okay.

Asakiyume said...

Those are beautiful--the sunlight on the ice!

lovely, lovely photos--you captured it so very well!

Wool Enough said...

Your beautiful pictures bring back memories of winters in Massachusetts and Vermont. Do you ever get those huge winter-long icicles on the edge of the roof? They hang around for ages, getting thicker and longer with every storm, and then one day -- CRASH, they plummet two stories to the ground.

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Love, love, love the second photo!

June said...

What beautiful pictures! I hope the power is restored soon.

Willow said...

The first photo could be enlarged and framed~ it's beautiful!

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Glad to hear you're OK. I'd been wondering.

Turtle said...

my mom is lucky enough to live just north in NH of all the heavy ice. We have been getting some weather in our area of WA, lol, i actually got a generator the other night...finally! We live in an area that always loses power, so i begged for one for xmas! Take care with this strange weather!