Friday, December 12, 2008

Now I'm Humbled.....

Sometimes I write my blog posts a day or two ahead, then schedule them for appearing on my blog. Depending on what is going on in my life, it makes this blog easier and usually what I write isn’t relevant if it is posted a day or two after.

So, here I am looking the slight fool… I’m thanking you all a day late for all the kind comments about my experience with Julia, her teachers, and her clothing. It was heartening to hear that many of you had had similar experiences when you too were raising your children. I really appreciate all the varying points of view. As The Farmer and I were reading them, we couldn’t help but marvel at how this blog has traveled to so many different parts of the world and so many people. (Just so you know, I have to print out all those comments for The Farmer to read because he won't sit down in front of the computer - if it's not on paper, it doesn't really exist in his world.) Thank you all.

We had an icy, sleety dangerous driving day yesterday and so no school for Julia. There went my plans for lots of pattern writing and tweaking. I do always love a snow day – as much now as I did when I was a kid. For me, I get to spend the whole day with Julia doing what we can agree upon together or separately. I worked on a knitting project that I hope to let you in on next week. Julia worked on her movie - her script, letters of permission for her co-stars, medical waiver forms, casting and manager letters for her co-stars and call sheets. She might have some developmental and learning problems that the we and her school worry about but somewhere down there inside of her, stuff is starting to click. She typed on my laptop for a seriously long time.

In case you haven’t heard, the American public is going to be seeing lots of yellow real soon. Me, I love yellow – it speaks sunflowers all over the place. In my last house, I had a beautifully sunny bright yellow kitchen. For those of you who are color-shy, never fear. You don't need to use a lot of yellow - just a little goes a long way. It is happy and fresh and vibrant. By February, we're all going to be craving some yellow! Guess those color forecasting trends are just catching up to us here on our little farm. And it just so happens, I've added a fabulous sunflower yellow color to the Julia Yarn Line for next fall.

Noon today, I’ll be drawing the winner of the sock yarn giveaway. Check back in then.


Rane said...

Julia is making a movie???
Your girl is amazing! And you
can tell her I said so!
I know that I will not be the only
one, so here goes... what is her
movie about. You said her movie..
is it about her?
I wish her all the Luck in the
world in all she does!
I personaly LOVE the color yellow!
It feels so warm and happy!
But I am into browns right now
and reds, I think it is the season.
Your sunny sun flower has wakened
me and cheered me up though!
Sound like your farmer and my
dad are kindred spirits....
he does not care one bit for the
computer, "give me some thing
I can hold, see touch. I am a
simple man that can only believe
that there is God, the internet?
No think you." He is so funny.
He is a farmer and Horseman.
He finds it amazing that people
pay for the internet because the
Library is free. If I get him
info of the net I never tell him
where it came from....sorry dad.
See you at noon!
Rane and sleep'n in my lap baby

Biscuit, with computer help from Emily said...

Hang in there, Kristin, doing what you love to do, whether it's a new yellow yarn or a child who gets to be herself. I, too, feel sorry for the round pegs out there in the boring round holes. My kids are decidedly different, and have lots of variety in their lives being whomever they are! LIve and let live, I say! I also thought Real Simple would be the best magazine ever. Uh, no, it's like a bad 70's women's magazine turned sort of eco modern. ICK. Off to feed my livestock, in my glamorous rubber boots, raingear and happiness...

Karin said...

Ohh, I love sunflowers, we grow them in the garden every year. I have a picture just like that.
Sunflower Yellow Julia yarn! Cool.

Congratulations to Julia on making a movie! She sounds very professional.

Kathie said...

A movie! amazing!
good luck to her!

I love yellow and add some yellow to almost every quilt I make!
can't wait to see sunflower yellow yarn
we love sunflowers here!!!


Willow said...

I'm not much of a yellow fan, mellow or mimosa. But I guess a little can be used to good effect.

Julia is amazing me! A movie!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now you've done it...I'm seriously going to have to dye some yarn today. I do love color and I've got picked out Aztec Gold and Pink! Just what I need to wash away the winter gray.
Diane at Peaceful Acres

Anonymous said...

I painted the exterior of my house lavender a good deep lavender about 10 years ago. Then contcated a colorist for the front door color. Yellow is is.
I recently painted the interior and the master bedroom and bathroom are medium purple ... a darker shade of lavender and the living & dining rooms are dark - medium purple the office and my studio are yellow. I conside them basic colors and they are glorius!So I am surrounded by color and would very much appreiate it if you would come and paint my walls.. pretty please?


Penny said...

i'm generally not one for yellow but look forward to sunflowers.. julia stories continue to inspire and amaze me. i'm sad you feel "foolish" ? you have a ton to do (you amaze me as much as julia, it's a coin toss as to who inspires me more) and there's nothing wrong with pre-posting!

Lisa in western MA said...

How amazing to be part of a trend, even one I didn't know existed -- we painted the kitchen jonquil yellow last Saturday, and it's lovely and bright!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late in weighing in on Julia and the team recommendations - but I always read your comments about Julia with interest. I am a special ed TA in a middle school. Currently I am on a 6th grade team but have been lucky enough to have worked with many of these children since third grade. Unfortunately conformity is the norm especially in middle school. However, as a teacher I VALUE and APPRECIATE those kids who are able to express who they are and confidently live out their family values. It doesn't seem to me that your team considered your family values when they made that recommendation. Creativity and uniqueness is of the utmost importance to you and I imagine Julia lives that value everyday. To have her conform for the sake of fitting in would go against what you all believe in. I think the most important thing to consider is how Julia feels. Does she feel different? Would changing her clothing style help her feel more like others and therefore better about herself? If so then do it. But if she has never expressed that concern let her be who she is. The kids who are going to judge someone on their clothing are not going to be the kinds of friends Julia will want. There are plenty of kids out there who do not conform and who are happy. They find others like themselves. At our school we would never dream of telling a parent how to dress their child unless it was inappropriate. The only thing I see getting in the way of fitting in is hygiene. Keep it clean and keep it real!

Anna said...

Kristin, I love your blog, and read it often to help myself become more sane and grounded and yes, happy.

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

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